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Brady Leafloor (Online Lessons Only) - Woodwinds, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

Brady Leafloor (Online Lessons Only) (Woodwinds, Theory)

Brady has been playing since 1997, starting as a saxophonist and then expanding to other woodwinds. He is a Carleton University Bachelor of Music program graduate, where he studied jazz performance under Mike Tremblay. Brady has taught one-on-one lessons and full bands, with students ranging from 6 years old to long retired. He specializes in jazz and popular music styles, and is an active member of the music scene, playing with rock, soul and reggae bands, and various other jazz and popular music groups. Lessons have a strong focus on combining theory and reading skills with aural training and encouraging students to pick up simple tunes by ear. Other topics include improvisation, instrument knowledge, and fundamentals of both group and solo performance. Brady has taught casual players to serious students and those preparing for auditions for bands and school programs. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24.

Bryan Valeriani (Online Lessons Only) - Drums music lessons in Ottawa

Bryan Valeriani (Online Lessons Only) (Drums)

Bryan has been playing drums since 1982 and teaching since 1995. He has played everything from jazz to heavy metal. Bryan performs regularly with his Latin jazz trio and is a member of the Brian Eagles Band. He has recorded and performed with many groups, most notably with Juno nominated singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards. Bryan has studied at the world-renowned Drummers Collective in New York City with a grant awarded from the Ontario Arts Council. He has also studied with Jim Chapin, Kim Plainfield, Magella Cormier and Joel Rosenblatt. Bryan has taught for the Carleton University Bachelor of Music program and is a member of both the Vic Firth Education Team and the Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program. His curriculum covers the complete range of drumset techniques and concepts from the key fundamentals to advanced studies. For more on Bryan you can visit: His rate per half hour private lesson is $27

Carl Merenick (Online Lessons Only) - Piano, Theory, Composition music lessons in Ottawa

Carl Merenick (Online Lessons Only) (Piano, Theory, Composition)

Carl studied classical piano as well as jazz theory and composition with Ted Moses, Gordon Delamont and Darwin Aitkin. He has composed and produced for CTV, TSN, Discovery Channel and ET. Carl is the Co-founder and CEO of HGNO, a non-profit, music-based community outreach. He has taught music both at the college level and junior high level - grade 6, 7 and 8 band. Carl is an enthusiastic and dedicated music teacher with years of professional experience and has a knack for inspiring students in the gift of music. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24.

Chestan Tam - Piano, Theory, Composition music lessons in Ottawa

Chestan Tam (Piano, Theory, Composition)

Chestan Tam is a classically trained pianist and recent graduate from the University of Toronto, holding a Bachelor of Music with piano and a minor in composition, under the mentorship of Larysa Kuzmenko and Alexander Rapoport. Beginning his musical training at a very young age, Chestan received his Grade 10 RCM Certification in piano in 2012, and has won numerous awards at the Kiwanis Music Festival over the years. Chestan also has a background in traditional Chinese music, having studied the Chinese hammer dulcimer with Anna Guo of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Although Chestan is classically trained, he enjoys playing music of all genres, and publishes arrangements of popular music on the piano online as a hobby. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24.

Chris Stephenson - Drums music lessons in Ottawa

Chris Stephenson (Drums)

Chris Stephenson is a two-time Juno nominated artist who has recorded on critically acclaimed albums and toured the world with multiple acts. Aside from performing, he has recently finished writing his first educational drum novel since studying under the likes of Benny Greb, Thomas Lang and Chris Coleman. Chris started his professional career both teaching and performing in 2009. From his international experience, he has received a well rounded education in styles such as Rock, Jazz, Latin and world music rhythms. These styles are now ingrained in his approach to teaching. Some highlights of his career have included performing at large international music festivals and educational drum clinics at Long & McQuade. His rate per half-hour private lesson is $24 (English, French, or Spanish)

Christine Jakel - Voice, Piano music lessons in Ottawa

Christine Jakel (Voice, Piano)

Christine has been immersed in music since 1999, earning a grade 9 piano certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music in 2011 and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Ottawa for vocal performance in 2016. In 2017, she left the classical world to pursue her own solo indie rock project which she is currently working on. She has been teaching since 2010 across the disciplines of piano, voice, songwriting and music business and specializes in beginner/intermediate piano. Additionally, she has helped several piano students pass RCM exams up to grade 5 and prepared students to audition for arts high schools such as DeLaSalle (which she herself attended) and Canterbury. She believes that music should be accessible to everyone and tailors her lessons to the unique goals and learning styles of her students in a way that helps them feel excited to learn and promotes noticeable progress. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $24. (English or French)

Eileen Chang (Online Lessons Only) - Piano music lessons in Ottawa

Eileen Chang (Online Lessons Only) (Piano)

Eileen has a bachelor of music in piano performance from the University of Saskatchewan. She has been teaching piano since the late 90’s, and she teaches all levels of classical piano and popular music. She believes in exploring and developing each student’s strengths in each lesson and gradually expanding their repertoire and comfort zone, eventually setting higher goals to reach their full potential. Her rate per half hour private lesson $24.

Gabriela Ruiz - Cello, Violin, Viola, Fiddle music lessons in Ottawa

Gabriela Ruiz (Cello, Violin, Viola, Fiddle)

Gabriela has a Master’s Degree in Cello Performance from the University of Ottawa, where she studied cello with Paul Marleyn, as well as an Orchestral Certificate Diploma under David Currie. She has been active as a teacher and performer since 1997 and is also a Certified Suzuki Teacher. Gabriela focuses much of her performing in the classical genre but has also participated in other events such as rock concerts, Video Games Live and recently in the orchestra for “La Machine”. She teaches both Suzuki and RCM methods for violin, viola and cello. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $27. (English or Spanish)

Harrison Singer - Guitar, Bass, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

Harrison Singer (Guitar, Bass, Theory)

Harrison is a bassist, guitarist and composer with a Bachelor of Music from Carleton University. He is a part of many musical projects across Ottawa in a wide variety of genres such as Jazz, Reggae, Samba, Funk, Rock, Blues. Harrison has been teaching for many years, taking the complicated aspects of music and making them easy to understand and accessible to all ages. He values creativity and encourages the student to find their own unique voice on their instrument. Harrison's personal career has taken him all over Canada including Ottawa festivals such as: Blues Fest, Jazz Fest and the Festival Franco Ontarien. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24.

Julia Kopytova - Piano music lessons in Ottawa

Julia Kopytova (Piano)

Julia studied the Classical Russian Piano method and holds a Bachelor of Music in piano performance and pedagogy from the Kyrgyz State Music College in Russia. Having previously taught in Russia, California, and Toronto, Julia has recently relocated to Ottawa. Julia has great communication skills with children and has been teaching them since she was seventeen. With many years of teaching experience, Julia is able to demonstrate and encourage students to strive towards great musicianship and has the capability to support aspiring musicians to learn quickly. Her rate per half-hour private lesson is $23.

Keryll Brown - Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba music lessons in Ottawa

Keryll Brown (Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba)

Keryll started taking music lessons at the age of 4 and completed her RCM grade 8 Piano and RCM grade 10 Voice exams before graduating high school. She went on to study Music at Western University (B. Mus.Ed.), majoring in trombone. Keryll is also a recent graduate of Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education (B.Ed) and has moved to Ottawa to pursue her dream of becoming a music teacher. She started teaching private lessons in 2010 and gave brass lessons throughout her studies. Her rate per half-hour private lesson is $24.

Kyle Myrfield (Online Lessons Only) - Flute music lessons in Ottawa

Kyle Myrfield (Online Lessons Only) (Flute)

Kyle is an active private flute instructor and orchestral and chamber ensemble flutist based in Ottawa, Ontario. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kyle completed his Bachelor of Music Honours in Performance at the University of Saskatchewan studying under Randi Nelson. Currently, he is working towards his Master of Music in Performance at the University of Ottawa under the tutelage of Camille Churchfield. In September 2018, Kyle won the position of Acting Second Flute and Piccolo for the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra for the 2018-2019 season. A dedicated performer, Kyle has attended multiple summer music festivals, including Orford Music Festival and The Consummate Flutist, and has performed in master classes led by Leone Buyse, Alberto Almarza, Soo-Kyung Park, Joanna G’Froerer, Susan Hoeppner, and Denis Bluteau. His rate per half-hour private lesson is $23.

Lyndsay Bolden - Voice, Piano music lessons in Ottawa

Lyndsay Bolden (Voice, Piano)

Lyndsay received her BA in music composition from Campbell University in North Carolina. She completed her undergraduate degree with voice as her primary instrument, but has also played piano for over twenty years. She has sung in various choirs over the last ten years, and has even had several of her own compositions performed. As a teacher, she is passionate about students developing an appreciation for every aspect of making music. Her rate per half-hour private lesson is $24.

Manny Makris (Online Lessons Only) - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Ottawa

Manny Makris (Online Lessons Only) (Guitar, Ukulele)

Manny has been playing live since 1991 and teaching since 1995. He was the winner of the 1997 Blues Guitar Riff-Off at age 19 and was nominated Best Blues Band at the Doheny Blues Society in California in 1999 and the Maple Blues Awards in 2000. He has played many major blues festivals in Ottawa and New York and has shared the stage with blues legends Otis Rush, Kid Ramos (The Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Dan Aykroyd. Manny has played in several different blues and rockabilly bands over the years. He is comfortable teaching students of all levels, especially those that are interested in lead and rhythm guitar. Specializing in Blues, Country, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and Surf, his rate per half hour private lesson is $26.

Massil Ait-Ouali - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele music lessons in Ottawa

Massil Ait-Ouali (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)

Massil holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Carleton University and has been teaching since 2014. He has played a number of instruments including guitar, classical piano, trumpet, bass and drums since the age of 10--this has led to him acquiring a love and deep understanding of rock, blues, jazz, folk, and finger-style guitar. Massil currently performs with multiple bands and projects around Ottawa, including a performance at Bluesfest 2018 with Alanna Sterling & the Silvers. His rate per half-hour private lesson is $23 (English or French).

Matt Welsh - Drums music lessons in Ottawa

Matt Welsh (Drums)

Matt has been playing percussion and drum set since 2004 and teaching since 2010. With experience on stage and in the studio, past performances include accompanying the Canadian Centennial Choir, the Bytowne Big Band, Chicago with the Carleton Musical Theatre Society, as well as his own group, Predestined. As a teacher, Matt instils a strong sense of rhythm, reading and technique, allowing students to access a broad spectrum of musical styles. He keeps the classroom relaxed and lighthearted, while still maintaining a serious environment for each student to pursue their personal goals and beyond. His rate per half hour private lesson is $25 (English or French).

Nawfel Djari - Cello, Violin, Viola, Double Bass, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

Nawfel Djari (Cello, Violin, Viola, Double Bass, Theory)

Nawfel has been performing professionally since 2012 and has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Ottawa in Viola performance. He has played Violin, and viola with orchestras around the world including Berlin, Prague, Leipzig, Ottawa, Quebec and many more. He specializes in Violin and Viola practice but also teaches theory and cello, and is trained in RCM and Suzuki teaching methods. He is a high-end composer, arranger, painter, poet and performer; his pieces have been played in New York (Juilliard), Toronto (Royal conservatory), Beijing, Paris, Montreal and Ottawa (NAC) with renowned orchestras, chamber groups and soloists. His students have gone on to begin professional careers, and win orchestral positions and competitions around North America. Nawfel believes that technique, emotional expression, passion, and confidence are what make a great player. Anyone is capable, and if you love music, Nawfel can help you achieve your goals. His rate per half hour is $27 (English or French)

Reiko Lokker - Violin music lessons in Ottawa

Reiko Lokker (Violin)

Reiko is a graduate of Carleton University with a Master of Arts in Religion and Public Life. She has been playing the violin since the age of five and has performed with several ensembles and orchestras across Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, and Tokyo. She is a member of 234 Strings, an Ottawa based piano trio. She had her NAC debut in 2015 with the Carleton Orchestra in collaboration with the Beijing Conservatory of Music. Currently she is a private violin teacher, performer, and a Japanese teacher and translator part-time. Her rate per half-hour private lesson is $24.

Zach Reid - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele music lessons in Ottawa

Zach Reid (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)

Zach has been playing guitar since 2000. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Philosphy from the University of Guelph where he specialized in classical guitar under the tutelage of Bruce French. Zach also has a diploma in Recording Arts from the Toronto Film School with recording credits to his name as a player and engineer. Initially finding passion in writing, recording and performing as a punk rock guitarist, his broad experience allows him to pull from many creative mediums to help each student learn in their own unique way. His rate per half hour private lesson is $23 (English or French)