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756 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 1Z4
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Monday: 12:30:pm - 9:00pm
Tuesday: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
Thursday: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
Friday: 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm (Beginning September 8th, 2018)

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Our Teachers:

Alli Bean - Piano, Voice music lessons in Victoria

Alli Bean (Piano, Voice)

Alli Bean (aka Allison Welch) holds a BMUS in Jazz Studies from the Vancouver Island University. She completed her Diploma of Jazz Studies from the Victoria Conservatory of Music in 2015. As a singer and pianist, Alli has explored all kinds of genres from Rock and Country to Jazz and R&B. Her rate is $25 per half hour.

Andrew Greenwood - Sax, Flute, Clarinet, music lessons in Victoria

Andrew Greenwood (Sax, Flute, Clarinet,)

A multi-instrumentalist, Andrew is a performer, composer as well as educator and has degrees from UVIC where he studied classical music, and Humber College in Toronto where he studied jazz. He performs regularly in a variety of genres including jazz, reggae, funk, hiphop and rock and his rate is $26 per half hour.

Bryn Badel - Brass, music lessons in Victoria

Bryn Badel (Brass,)

Bryn performs in a wide variety of styles with various groups around BC. He has a BMus from UVIC and was previously principal trumpet with the Vancouver Island Symphony. He teaches all the brass instruments, and his rate is $26 per half hour.

Chris Finch - Guitar music lessons in Victoria

Chris Finch (Guitar)

Chris received a diploma with Honors from Selkirk College in Contemporary Music & Technology in 2005, where he majored in performance. He has a relaxed yet professional approach to lessons with extensive experience in a variety of genres and his rate is $24 per half hour.

Colin Hole - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Victoria

Colin Hole (Guitar, Bass)

Educated at Berkeley College of Music, The Victoria Conservatory, The Academy of Recording Arts in Vancouver, and GIT Musician's Institute in California, Colin has written a book of guitar theory and is adept at teaching classical, rock, blues and jazz guitar. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Doug Towle - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, music lessons in Victoria

Doug Towle (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo,)

With Diplomas in Music from Douglas College in New Westminster as well in Music Production from Columbia Academy in Vancouver, Doug has been teaching fundamentals of guitar performance, music theory and music production since 2000. He is well versed in classical, flamenco, Latin, funk, soul as well as the heavier end of rock and metal. Doug's rate is $25 per half hour.

Elspeth Ford - Voice, music lessons in Victoria

Elspeth Ford (Voice,)

Majoring in Classical Voice at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, Elspeth brings extensive insight into the physiology of singing. With a warm encouraging approach, she is creative and engaging, whether you wish to pursue classical, pop or other styles. Her rate is $26 per half hour.

Emily Dubois - Violin, Fiddle, music lessons in Victoria

Emily Dubois (Violin, Fiddle,)

A VCM Diploma student and an experienced performer, composer, and teacher of both fiddle and violin, Emily is well suited to beginner and intermediate students of all ages. Emily's rate is $24 per half hour.

Hanna Crudele - Violin, Viola music lessons in Victoria

Hanna Crudele (Violin, Viola)

Hanna is a versatile teacher, with a BMUS in Violin Performance and a Minor in Classical Voice from the University of Ottawa. Her background in fiddling as well as jazz, classical and baroque music coupled with her positive and good humoured approach ensure lessons will be fun and productive. Hanna's rate is $24 per half hour.

Ian Bezpalko - Guitar, Bass, music lessons in Victoria

Ian Bezpalko (Guitar, Bass,)

Ian has a diploma in Jazz from the Victoria Conservatory and a keen interest all genres of music. By teaching solid foundations, he's able to help students of all ages reach their musical goals and have a lot of fun along the way. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Jaye Watts - Piano music lessons in Victoria

Jaye Watts (Piano)

Jillian, also known as "Jaye", has a Diploma from Vancouver's Art Institute. Whether you want to play your favorite song on the radio, sight-read Beethoven, understand chording and improvising, or write your own music, Jaye has the ability to help you achieve your musical goals. Jaye's rate is $24 per half hour.

Jesse Mark - Drums, music lessons in Victoria

Jesse Mark (Drums,)

With a diploma in Jazz Studies from Capilano University, Jesse is currently working on a Bachelor's Degree at UVIC. In addition to jazz, he has earlier rock influences and is also adept at teaching Funk, Latin, Folk and Fusion. He know that no two students are alike and tailors lessons to the needs of the individual. Jesse's rate is $24 per half hour.

Jon Epworth - Drums, Voice music lessons in Victoria

Jon Epworth (Drums, Voice)

Session drummer, vocalist for film and television, songwriter, and producer, Jon enjoys the open-ended grooves found in reggae, old R&B, as well as speed-punk. Great with kids or adults, he's a friendly, fun, relaxed teacher who adapts his teaching style to an individual's needs. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Lana Sokolova - Piano music lessons in Victoria

Lana Sokolova (Piano)

Lana has extensive education in classical piano, music theory, and vocal training, including eight years with the Royal Conservatory of Music and four years of music college. She holds a Music Teacher Diploma from Moscow. She welcomes children and adults of all levels and her rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Laura Cave - Piano music lessons in Victoria

Laura Cave (Piano)

With an ARCT and background in classical music, Laura has enjoyed a career performing pop, rock, and jazz piano with vocals in the hotels of Europe, Canada and the USA. Teaching in Victoria since 2009, she is highly versatile and has a flexible approach to lessons. Her rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Matt Graumans - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, music lessons in Victoria

Matt Graumans (Guitar, Ukulele, Bass,)

Matt Graumans is a second year BMUS student at UVIC where he is specializing in Classical Guitar and Education. His areas of expertise also include classic rock, blues and jazz. Matthew's rate is $24 per half hour.

Nalini Bissoon - Voice, Piano, Composition, Theory, music lessons in Victoria

Nalini Bissoon (Voice, Piano, Composition, Theory,)

With both a Diploma in Voice, Teaching & Jazz studies from the Victoria Conservatory as well as a BMus from UVIC where she majored in Classical Voice and minored in composition, Nalini has also explored jazz and folk fusion. This diversified teacher welcomes students of all ages.
Nalini's rate is $25 per half hour.

Paige Thompson - Double Bass, Bass music lessons in Victoria

Paige Thompson (Double Bass, Bass)

A third-year student at UVIC majoring in Music Education, Paige is a multi-instrumental musician working with students of all ages since 2015. She teaches contemporary, jazz, rock, and classical at a rate of $24 per half hour.

Peter Caton - Cello, music lessons in Victoria

Peter Caton (Cello,)

With a Masters Degree in cello performance from UVIC, Peter's goal is to impart the same passion for music in his students that he enjoys. Having played with six Symphonies across Canada and teaching students of all ages for many years, he is a good choice for beginners or advanced cellists of all ages. Peter's rate is $25 per half hour.

Peter Zaza - Piano music lessons in Victoria

Peter Zaza (Piano)

Peter studied at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto and has been in the music business for most of his life. He teaches kids and adults in styles ranging from Classical to Jazz, and his rate is $24 per half hour.

Rhonda Aikin - Voice music lessons in Victoria

Rhonda Aikin (Voice)

A powerhouse blues and rock vocalist, Rhonda is a highly sought-after harmony singer. She works with students of all ages and with her down to earth friendly manner, lessons are fun and informative. Her rate is $24 per half hour.

Robert Gordy - Brass, music lessons in Victoria

Robert Gordy (Brass,)

With a Masters Degree from New York University, Robert has been teaching school band since 1980, and with Glenlyon Norfolk School since 2017. He has played with numerous bands and orchestras and is currently a member of the Island Big Band. Robert's rate is $26 per half hour.

Rowan Osborne - Violin, Fiddle, music lessons in Victoria

Rowan Osborne (Violin, Fiddle,)

Trained in both classical violin and fiddle, Rowan has won several awards for fiddle at local and provincial levels. He is also well versed in Suzuki violin and other classical methods. A patient, good humoured, teacher, he works to make lessons enjoyable and productive. Rowan’s rate is $24 per half hour.

Taylor Charles - Drums, music lessons in Victoria

Taylor Charles (Drums,)

Taylor covers the importance of rudiments, reading, feel, metronome and technique in his lessons. He is creative in his teaching approach keeping students motivated to learn. His rate is $24 per half hour.

Victor Wells - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Victoria

Victor Wells (Guitar, Ukulele)

An accomplished guitar player and vocalist, Victor hails from Chicago where he developed his passion for the blues. An actively gigging musician, Victor is a great choice for young beginners or advanced players. His rate is $25 per half hour.