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Korg KR-55 Pro Multi-Function Rhythm Machine

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Numerous rhythm patterns built into a practical interface! The new KR-55 Pro is a multi-function rhythm machine that's also equipped with mixer/recorder functionality.

Experience the same musical support as if a pro drummer were sitting in on your session. The KR-55 Pro gives you an easy way to enjoy jam sessions with the backing of real drum/percussion sounds. It provides a rich variety of input jacks, mixer functionality, effects, and equalizer, as well as a versatile recorder that can record to an SD card. The intuitive interface means that there's no need for complex programming. Battery-powered operation allows complete mobility from desktop to street performances, or use in a variety of situations including live events in small spaces.

• 24 built-in drum/percussion styles that were recorded live using KORG's proprietary "Real Groove Technology"
• Each rhythm style includes a rich variety of patterns: two variations, basic, fill-in 1, fill-in 2, and ending
• Use the chain function to create a rhythm structure for an entire song, and play it automatically
• A rich array of input jacks includes one XLR mic input, two guitar/bass inputs, and a stereo AUX input, allowing multi-channel mixing
• A high-quality reverb effect and equalizer are provided, giving you the freedom to shape your sound
• You can perform along with a rhythm style, and record the combined result as an audio file on an SD card
• Multi-track recording is supported, allowing you to produce more sophisticated tracks
• The tuner function features a large meter for good visibility. You can also tune while hearing a guide tone
• Acoustage technology creates a unique personal acoustic space. Using only front stereo speakers, it can generate a three-dimensional acoustic experience that is unobtainable from previous systems.
• The unit can be powered on six AA batteries, allowing up to seven hours of use

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Purchased at L&M Vancouver new this week (June 2018). Pretty good drum sounds and decent patterns. Looks good and appears robust. Fairly easy to get basic drum patterns working without needing the manual. Must read the manual to understand how to record and playback as buttons have double uses depending on the mode being used. The reverb sounds pretty good on voice and acoustic guitar and would work as a simple solution for solo performers. Big surprise that the reverb is not available to the actual drum tones so the sound is very flat with zero ambiance unless you add your own reverb via a mixer etc. This could have been a 5 out of 5 stars but given this is 2018, not having bluetooth seems like a missed opportunity as the technology is now so cheap. Headphone volume is way too low. Can only playback audio files in the .WAV format. Will not playback MP3 or other formats. This is a big let-down and surprising lack of options to only have one audio format that works on playback. Acoustic guitar sounds OK plugged in, but volume is very low. Electric guitar tones are very thin and there are no built in guitar FX. No reverb on drum tones. (Why?) The optional foot switch is the Vox VFS5 which will cost another $90 plus taxes. Pity that there is zero stock of this item anywhere in Canada apart from the east coast. USA stores won't ship the foot switch to Canada! So, where would you use this? I think a solo guitarist wanting decent drum backing without having to mess around too much, this unit would be a good option. Songwriters could use as a basic tool for recording a snapshot for a new song. Decent unit for home practise as it runs on batteries and can connect guitar and mic and use headphones so you don't wake the neighbours. I'm "old school" so this kind of hardware works for me and I will endeavour to make best use of the Korg drum machine but I do wish that Bluetooth, MP3 playback options, reverb on the actual drum tones, cheaper and better foot switch options would have been added to the specs. Why do manufacturers miss the obvious options that could be added for very little cost?
Posted by Robert Meachen on Jun 17, 2018
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KORG KR-55 Pro: a Comprehensive Rhythm and Drum Machine