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Solid State Logic LMC+ Module for 500 Format Racks

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The LMC+ module is the latest incarnation of an analogue processor that started life as a very humble return talkback compressor (Listen Mic Compressor) in SSL's earliest SL 4000 series consoles. The SSL "Listen Mic" Compressor was, throughout the 1980's, the secret weapon in many producers' sonic arsenal of recording techniques. Originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, its fixed attack and release curves were eminently suitable for use on ambient drum mics. The console surgery required to gain access to the compressed output was performed on many early E Series consoles before it became a
standard modification on later production systems. This modular version of the processor has brought out some of the
previously fixed settings to knobs and switches, to allow the sonic signature of this characterful compressor to be tweaked and twisted for even more creative results.

The new LMC + module is equipped with SSL traditional high-pass low pass filter and can be inserted into the side chain of the compressor limitedly in an arbitrary frequency range. It also has wet / dry blend control. Equipped with these two new features, LMC + was born as a powerful tool to produce easy-to-use and diverse sounds.

The "Scoop" switch inverts the phase of the wet signal.
In addition, the unique "Split" switch puts you in band pass / subtraction mode, the filtered band is sent to the compressor, its band is excluded from the dry path, and the wet / dry mixing condition can be continuously varied.

By using filters and side chains together or separately, LMC + realizes a variety of sounds for various purposes and expands the possibilities of creation.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor from the legendary SL4000E console

  • Realize legendary SL4000E console sound

  • Fixed attack and release curve ideal for ambient drum microphone

  • Filter can be inserted into compressor side chain

  • Wet / dry blend control function

  • The "Scoope" switch reverses the phase of the wet signal

  • "Split" switch engages a bandpass subtraction mode
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SSL LMC+ Module for 500 Format Racks