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Suzuki SU-S-56S - Sirius 14 Hole

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The Suzuki Sirius combines excellent sound production and a modern, yet elegant design that will not fail to impress. The Sirius is a direct spin off of our critically aclaimed Fabulous range of harmonicas and sets a new standard for chromatic harmonica design. This unique instrument allows the player to perform far more expressively than with traditional Chromatics.

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I have been playing chromatic harmonica for decades, but only recently returned to playing more regularly. I have 2 Hohner chromatics already ... both of them quite fine but they are a little more entry level in the world of chromatics. I recently purchased this 56S Suzuki Sirius from L&M. I would say there are 3 really noticeable differences. The Sirius has a far richer and sweeter sound. If you listen to recordings, you will know that chromatic "sound" from talented players. An expert can no doubt work wonders with the most basic harmonica, but there is no doubt the sound quality has taken a big leap forward with this. Keep in mind that as with all instruments, I doubt you will be able to produce it though unless you already have a moderate level of ability already. The Sirius requires less air to play so you need to hold back on force of air or you will spoil the sound. If you want to subtly bend notes or use vibrato (different from waving your hand behind the harp) it comes with far less effort. Aside from these comments, the harmonica is about double the weight of my others, which first surprises you but feels really nice in your hands. The slide action is also silky smooth. I spent a lot of time trying to decide on a 12, 14 or 16 hole Sirius. I bought the 14 as it goes to the G below middle C where the 12 starts at middle C. Those lower notes are really rich and I'm glad I got the 14 instead of a 12. The 16 goes right down to the C below that, but those notes are well below what you normally hear played in a harmonica recording. I doubt I would ever use them and I won't miss them. Also, the added 2 holes would increase size which I didn't want.
Posted by Rick on Jun 12, 2020
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