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Jazzlab Mouthpiece Mute for Alto Sax

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The Silencer by Jazzlab is an innovative tool for use when performing mouthpiece exercises. The Silencer mutes the sound produced by the mouthpiece, allowing you to practice at a significantly reduced volume, up to 20 dB less than the mouthpiece alone.

Mouthpiece exercises for woodwinds are one of the best methods to continually improve the sound. Furthermore, one can train the embouchure, the breathing and the articulation optimally. Daily exercises - 5 minutes are enough - are the key to a higher level of sound and intonation on the instrument. Through mouthpiece exercises you train exactly those muscles that are crucial to the playing of a saxophone or a clarinet.


• Made of high quality plastic, easy for handling and cleaning.
• Constructed of three pieces: Housing, Insertion and Cap
• Coupler design features spring joint to fit multiple mouthpiece brands.
• Easy assembly and disassembly.
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