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ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Pedal

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The ISP Technologies THETA preamp pedal brings the full performance of the High Gain section of the THETA amplifier and THETA Rack-mount Preamp down to a foot pedal based Preamplifier pedal. The THETA preamp pedal includes a full Pre-Distort Preamplifier, THETA High Gain Distortion Stage and to keep things quiet, a full implementation of the award winning Decimator G-string II circuit.

• Pre-Distort Preamp usable for overdrive of Distortion circuit or for clean tone shaping / overdrive
• Incredible tone shaping with Pre-Distort tone includes Bass, Mid Level, Mid sweep from 300 to 3KHz and Treble
• THETA Distortion circuit with post distort Bass, Mid Level, Mid Sweep from 300 to 3KHz and Treble
• Highest gain Distortion available anywhere, greater than 160dB of gain using Distortion and Pre-Distort Preamp overdrive
• Decimator G-string II noise reduction built in for absolute silent operation and greater than 80dB NR
• Footswitch selectable dual Gain1 / Gain2 settings
• +/-15volt internal operation for professional headroom and sonic clarity
• Dynamic Saturation Modulation circuit emulates a saturated tube amp with tube rectifier
• Externally controllable switching of all footswitch functions for control via MIDI control function

• Input Impedance: 5000k ohms
• Maximum Gain Preamp+ Distort: Greater then 150db
• Treble Control / Preamp: +/- 15 db at 10 KHz
• Treble Control / Distort: +/- 15 db at 10 KHz
• Bass Control / Preamp: +/- 15 db at 80 Hz
• Bass Control / Distort: +/- 15 db at 80 Hz
• Mid Sweep Frequency / Preamp: 300 Hz to 6 KHz
• Mid Sweep Frequency / Distort: 300 Hz to 6 KHz
• Mid Boost/ Cut Range / Preamp: +/- 12db
• Mid Boost/ Cut Range / Distort: +/- 12db
• Decimator Effective Noise Reduction: Greater than 80 db
• Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 1.9 in
• Weight: 2.2 lbs
• Power: 9VAC External Adaptor
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