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Elektron Digitakt 8-Voice Digital Drum Computer and Sampler

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Digitakt is a new compact drum machine from Elektron. It contains all the necessary tools to make people move to the beat. Digitakt offers a digital and highly flexible sound engine, sampling capability, a live-friendly sequencer, the means to control external MIDI gear, and Overbridge support.

Super quality
Digitakt is made for heavy use. It features all new hi res encoders and extremely durable back-lit buttons (rated for 50 million presses). The ultra crisp OLED screen perfectly renders the clear and streamlined user interface.

Digitakt comes pre-loaded with heaps of great electronic and acoustic sounds. Drums, percussion, synths, and FX are all part of the sound palette. The sample collection allows you to start creating, experimenting and producing right away.

Also included is an assortment of absolutely stellar acoustic drum kit samples, meticulously sampled by the renowned drum sample company That Sound.

With an astounding feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine, the stage is set for a striking encounter.


• 8 internal audio tracks
• 8 dedicated MIDI tracks
• 1 x Multi-mode filter per audio track
• 1 x Distortion effect per audio track
• 1 x Assignable LFO per track
• Delay and Reverb send FX
• Sampling capability: 64 MB sample memory
• 1 GB +Drive storage
• 2 x 1/4" input & 2 x 1/4" balanced output
• 1 x High Speed USB 2.0 port
• MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN sync out
• Overbridge enabled
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 215 x 176 x 63 mm (8.5x7.2x2.5") (including knobs and rubber feet)
• Weight: approximately 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)

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We all all dig our machines. For a while. We then find their limits and often quickly move on. I've worked with hardware, software and analogue instruments for 3 decades now. I've never come across something quite like the Digitakt. I'll break it down. The stuff not really in the various reviews: It doesn't have pads man. It has buttons. Real buttons that go clickity- click. No there is no pressure sensitivity Mr. Sensitive Finger Drummer. It's lovingly designed and made in Sweden. How in this age of plastic junk? I don't know. It is difficult to learn if you are used to using computers to do everything. It is a computer, but one that beckons you to step inside. It is supported by an amazing community of users at Elektronauts--got a roadblock? Someone will almost immediately be there. It's a beautiful meld of old and new school. Rugged like 90's sampler with software features you might find in Ableton. The work flow is strictly old school! You have to be careful about how you save and how you might conserve memory. Careful, that two button operation just erased your pattern. Oh, a week later you learn that one more press brings in back. It's a drum machine at heart but with WAY more avenues for sound design. It will force you to start making music with it, or ask you to just give up if you're too lazy to explore it's glittering highways. If you are not really into electronic music don't buy this. You will get frustrated trying to make "band" music though I'm sure this machine could prove me wrong too. It can be tedious, but so is learning how to play ANY instrument. I do believe it is an instrument. It has big limitations just like any instrument--it's not there to replace your band or your intellect. Limitations? It does way more than you can probably imagine or invent Einstein. Like a video game, it can gobble up many hours of your time. Use it responsibly and don't forget to call Mom or say goodnight to your mate. I bought it because I was tied of using a laptop on stage to generate beats, samples and textures. I too often found myself just pressing play. At the end of the day if you're an actual musician, this is unsatisfying. I wanted all of the above but in a hardware instrument that could be "played". I gravitated to the various Roland machines, especially the new TR-8s but something pulled me to Elektron. They are not trying to make the ultimate machine here. It has many limitations. If you just want to trigger loops and make dope beats, the Digitakt is probably too much to bite off. It's goes VERY deep and I haven't even touched the 8 track midi sequencer yet. Big learning curve if you have any self-induced brain damage--but it's worth it. I love it like I love my Telecaster--right now, a lot more.
Posted by Donovan on Apr 21, 2018
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Digitakt - Eight voice digital drum computer & sampler
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