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FMR Audio Mono Compressor with Balanced I/O

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FMR Audio PBC-6A Details
The PCB-6A is a mono compressor which is described as being pretty agressive. The PBC-6A is FMR's latest offering in a line of massively underpriced professional audio gear. We've been waiting to get these in for a while now, and are proud to finally offer them. The PBC-6A differs from many other audio compressors in a couple of ways:
No Threshold - Theres no threshold in the PBC-6A. Unlike compressors with threshold controls, the signal passing through the PBC-6A is always being compressed rather than compressing only those parts of the signal that are above a set threshold. This makes the PBC-6A a non-linear, compression amplifier (CA).
Level Dependent Ratio - The PBC uses a feedback configuration to help achieve its function. Along with this, the PBCs detector allows higher output signals to compress more than lower-level ones. With the lack of thresholding, the change in ratio is smooth and gradual from low-level signals to higher-level.
Knee Control - This allows a transition from lower-to-higher ratios to occur over a smaller range than would naturally happen. due to the feedback and detector configuration. These main features help the PBC-6A achieve a wide-range of compression effectsfrom delicate to crushed!
FMR Audio PBC-6A Controls
Drive - The PBCs feedback configuration makes it possible to vary both the amount of compression along with some intrinsic make-up gain in one control. This is it. The most compression is attained with the DRIVE control fully clockwise and at a minimum in the fully counterclockwise direction.
Knee - The more clockwise this control, the smaller the change in the input signal that is required to achieve higher compression ratios. The more counterclockwise, the wider the change in the input signal that is required to achieve higher compression ratios.
Attack - As with many other compressors, this controls how quickly the PBC will react to changes in the input signal. Subjectively, this control allows high frequencies to be more easily emphasized.
Release - This control determines how quickly the PBC will return to its previous gain levels as the signal level decreases.
Output - This provides a convenient means to help match levels between the PBC and subsequent devices. Two push button controls are present on the front panel as well:
Bypass - Allows the selection of the signal present at the input jack or the output of the PBCs balanced line driver.
Thick - Alters the PBCs release characteristics in a way that is perceived as a subtle thickening the sound.

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I use this mainly for subtle compression and as a sound sweetener when recording/tracking bass, acoustic and vocals and more recently in the mastering process. very versatile. love this thing!!! so why would anyone with a home studio spend big money on a hardware comp when u can get the same results with a plugin? Use your ears! I did some serious a/b-ing with it and the mastering plugins from logic, ozone and fab filter. the PBC sounds more real, organic and musical every time. the software plugins sound cold and dry in comparison. although with the plugins u can really crush the signal. so for EDM types you’ll end up with a louder mix using a plugin. which sort of explains to me why the newer stuff coming out of home studios might sound the way it does. louder but less musical. so what i tried as a compromise was to first manually edit the more prominent transients in the song file that caused the most clipping. tedious but worth it. then split the stereo file into left and right and bounce 1 track at a time thru the PBC. put it back together with no phase issues. the result is pure magic!!! EDM type compression. musical as hell! a mix done with the PBC is just easier on the ears. the song is more enjoyable to listen too. Soundstage.. texture..ambience…bigger, more, better. whatever it is? It just presents itself better and in this game presentation is everything. if ur serious about your sound and u use a DAW (cubase, logic etc.) the only hardware u need is this very rad looking yellow piece of voodoo, a nice mic and pre, an audiophile grade interface ( i use the antelope Zen ) and high end monitors/cans so u can hear what your doing. oh yah. Passion. u need that too.
Posted by Al H on Jul 22, 2019
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