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Little Labs Monotor - Dual Output Professional Headphone Amp

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LIttle Labs Monotor is an audiophile headphone amp designed for the working audio engineer. The compact Monotor allows two people per Monotor (each headphone out is independently powered) to listen deep into a track at the highest resolution possible when paired with a quality set of headphones. For accurate, low fatigue, great sounding source analysis, get the Monotor!

Features include:
• Dual 1/4" AND 3.5mm separately amplified headphone jacks.
• Extensive mono monitoring capability: left plus right, left, right, and even left minus right, for phase check and digital compressed audio file artifact analysis.
• Minimal audiophile (almost completely passive) zen circuit path using a single state of the art active stage per headphone output (0.5Ω independently verified output impedance).
• Internal state of the art super low noise linear voltage regulation, providing audiophile full current/voltage (unlike USB powered headphone amps).
• Stereo mini aux input for talkback communication or easy portable player hookup.
• High gain, low noise, for very high spl monitoring, even with high impedance headphones.
• XLR/TRS combo jack inputs in parallel with TRS jacks for easy in-line monitoring hook up.
• Quality stepped volume attenuator with internal bypass for remote volume control capability.
• Rack-mountable: Up to 4 Little Labs devices fit in a 1u space.
• Made in the USA.

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I'm surprised there's no reviews yet for the Little Labs Monotor. I've owned my Monotor for about 7 months (purchased Aug, 2019). I'm not a professional, only using for home listening pleasure. Before buying the Monotor, I was using the headphone out of my Bryston BP-25 DA preamp/dac. At that point I owned and used Grado SR60e and beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro headphones. I was very happy with what I was hearing from the Bryston. The main reason for deciding to go to a stand alone headphone amp was to be able to control the headphone volume separately from speaker volume. I ended up choosing the Little Labs Monotor. I have nothing but good to say about it. It was a nice step up in sound compared to the Bryston. Not huge but definitely noticeable. I would describe it as more solid sounding with much more power, with the Monotor having much more volume available to power these headphones. I ended up buying a pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones based on reading the comments by Jonathan Little in the owners manual. Again very, very happy with the Monotor. It easily drove the 32, 250 and 300 ohm impedance headphones I now owned. The Monotor has been rock solid for the 7 months I've owned it. Very nice outboard power supply as opposed to usb power or walwart. It has the ability to easily bypass the builtin volume pot in situations where the source volume pot may be higher quality or more convenient. Nice if the source volume has remote control. It has extra functions to switch L/R channels to R/L via a front panel rotary knob. It can switch to mono L+R, L only, R only also L-R phase check function. I can well imagine these functions would be very useful for a professional user but in my case, my biggest use so far has been to zero in on right left channel imbalance and be able to get exact balance fed from my playback software (Roon). Nice features. I can't see how anyone would be disappointed with the Monotor based on sound quality alone, let alone build quality and added functionality that you wouldn't even think about until you actually had them to try. To top it off, I recently had to contact support with questions about using the L-R phase function. Within hours, I received a response from Jonathan Little himself. I had a couple back and forth emails for questions and he replied within hours each time, always very helpful and courteous. Very impressed with the level of customer service for a relatively low priced product (or any product for that matter). I could add more detail about my use experience but I'm sure this already sounds like a paid review. All I can say is I couldn't be happier with my Monotor and have no desire to upgrade. I can't imagine what the upgrade cost would be to improve on the Monotor. PS. I also submitted a review on even though I purchased from Long & McQuade. I did that because that was where I found the most helpful reviews when I was originally researching my purchase and I wanted to add mine to hopefully help someone else.
Posted by Bill Street on Mar 19, 2020
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