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Rivera Amplification Venus Recording Rack, 25W with Rockrec EQ

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The Venus Recording is your all-tube analog mega tone machine. With 2 channels, Treble Bright and Middle Notch switches, Voicing switch, Built in 11 band Rockrec EQ and a pre and power amp channel assignable effects loop, you'll be able to dial in any tone you can dream of Directly into your DAW or a mixing console. No need to mic a Cab again! However, there's 25watts of luscious 6V6 power, which is plenty to push your favorite cabinet on stage when you need. Also, features a Foot-switchable lead boost, balanced and unbalanced outputs, an Aux input and a Headphone output for late night silent jams.

Two Channels
Channel 1s can go from super spanky clean to a hot blues overdrive or classic rock tone. The combinations of the Treble Pull Bright and Middle Pull Notch can give you 4 different clean voicings and allows you to get tweed or blackface tones.
Channel 2s lead channel can be voiced for either classic rock, hard rock, metal or progressive shred.

11 Band EQ
These 11 bands of EQ frequencies are all in the guitar speaker range and were chosen to allow you to mimic most of the common guitar speakers used for classic, vintage and modern tones. Each band has a DB range +18 or -18 giving you mega amount of dynamic range which allows you to dial any style of tone, fit in any mix or cut through any band.

Aux In

The Auxiliary Input allows for an external signal, such as the preamp of another amplifier, an effects device that would run in parallel, or a music source such as an iPod or iPhone to be inserted either before the power amplifier section, or before the recording output.

Headphone Out

The Headphone Output is provided to monitor in real time the signal from the Recording Output or from the signal feeding the power amplifier. Because of latency in DAWs, having a real-time monitor of your signal allows you play along accurately.
For late night shredding, you can silently play and record. A musician can also dial-in his tone before sending the signal to the front of the house.

Voicing knob
Classic guitar tones have a midrange notch that varies from 250 Hz to 800 Hz. On channel 2, our lead channel, you can adjust the interaction of the 3 band passive tone controls with the Voicing control to range from our knucklehead series, tweed 2 knob Fender champ, to a vintage 60s Marshall top, JTM-45 Combo, to a Vox AC-30 or classic blackface Fender.

A level meter is provided that can be switched from measuring the power amp output in watts, or the recording output level in dB (decibels).

Rear Panel
There are two recording outputs provided, a balanced and transformer isolated XLR, and a unbalanced phone jack output. Both can be used simultaneously. Features also include 2 speaker outs, 4/8/16 impedance switch, High and Low power switch (25watts or 7watts) and a Silent (internal load) or External (cabinet) load switch.

Foot Switch included. Rack ears and FS7M Midi interface optional.
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