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Wave Arts FinalPlug AAX DSP - Download

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FinalPlug AAX DSP brings Wave Arts' professional peak limiter to your HDX DSP system. FinalPlug is a lookahead peak limiter/volume maximizer featuring very low latency, transparent operation, and extensive bit depth truncation and dither options, making it ideally suited for a final mix. Tame the peaks a bit, or really squeeze all the volume you can out of it.

The peak limiter section works by looking ahead 1.5 milliseconds. When a input peak is detected that will exceed the desired output ceiling, the gain is quickly ducked to let the peak pass, then the gain is restored relatively slowly according to the release time control. During rapidly changing program material with frequent peaks, a faster release time will achieve better results. During slowly changing material, slower release times prevent excessive modulation distortion. FinalPlugs auto release feature analyzes the input signal to determine peakiness, and selects the optimum release time for the program material.

The truncate/dither section is usually used for CD mastering, where truncation to 16 bits can create audible quantization distortion. By adding special dither noise, the quantization distortion can be eliminated, and the dither noise can be spectrally shaped to move it to frequency ranges where it is less audible. FinalPlug contains a comprehensive noise shaping section which reproduces a variety of commonly used noise shapes.

In order to maximize your DSP instance counts, FinalPlug AAX DSP comes with two configurations. The full configuration provides all features, while the Limit configuration provides just the limiter section. At 48 kHz, you can run 4 stereo instances of the full configuration, and 17 stereo instances of the Limit only configuration.

Technical Specs:

• Sonically transparent peak limiting, use as mastering limiter or volume/loudness maximizer
• Auto release control for greater sonic clarity
• Bit depth truncation from 4 to 24 bits
• TPDF dithering
• Comprehensive noise shaping options, choose between 12 noise shapes
• Presets for CD and DVD-audio mastering and track compression
• Latency compensation via compatible hosts
• Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
• Mono or stereo

System Requirements:

OS X 10.6.8/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10
Pro Tools 10.3.5 HDX or higher
iLok 2

Windows 7/8
Pro Tools 10.3.5 HDX or higher
iLok 2
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