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Yamaha Recording Custom 4-Piece Shell Pack 20/10/12/14 - Surf Green

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Working with the legendary Artist Steve Gadd, Yamaha have elevated the iconic Recording Custom Series with new design elements, producing a refined focused sound with enhanced rounded and deeper tone. All North American Birch 6 Ply shells with 30 degree bearing edges are complimented by the re-designed Hi Tension Lug that is weighted to enhance lower frequencies. The result is an easy-to-use and easy-to-tune drum set that re-defines the classic signature sound. Perfect for studio or multi-miking in any situation. Unmiked, it will hold its own with power and tone to spare.


All Birch Shell

In addition to their punchy power, birch shells are known to reduce unwanted noise and prevent interference when drums are set up side-by-side. The unique sonic characteristics of birch wood ensure that each stroke is clearly delineated, making it widely considered to be the ideal choice for recording environments.

New Weighted High Tension Lugs

The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. In order to maximum the attenuating properties of the birch wood, the weight of the lug has increased, further enhancing the artist's expressive power and reducing undesirable noise from the shell without using a mute. This ensures optimum sustain for the core sound, producing a crisp, articulate tone.

Lifted Style Bass Drum

Yamaha reduced interference from the floor to maximize the resonance of the shell, and increased the length of the pedal beater rod, centering it precisely to ensure absolute accuracy during performances. This lifted bass drum produces a more punchy sound and accentuates the sound produced in the core of the shell.

R1.5/30 degree bearing edge

While testing many combinations of shells Steve Gadd opted for 30 degree bearing edges, to deliver a sharp response. The shells have a wide tuning range, respond well to different head choices and are easy to tune.


Lug: Newly designed Weighted High-tention Lug (One-piece)
Shell: 100% Birch 6ply (with inner Dark Brown paint)
Bearing Edge: 30 degree / R1.5
TT/FT Hoop: Triple Flange Hoop (Steel 1.6mm)
BD Hoop: Wood Hoop
TT/FT Head: Top - Remo US Coated Ambassador, Bottom - Remo US Clear Ambassador
BD Head: Front - Remo Smooth White PS3 with Yamaha Logo, Batter - Remo PS3 Coated (only 18"BD Remo Coated Ambassador)
Tom Mount: Y.E.S.S. System
FT Bracket: Open type
BD Leg: Convertible type


20" x 16" Bass Drum
10" x 7" Tom Tom
12" x 8" Tom Tom
14" x 13" Floor Tom
TH945B Tom Holder

*Does not include snare, cymbals or hardware.
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