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Zoom A2.1 Plus - Acoustic Effects with USB

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96kHz sampling brings out the true nature of acoustic guitar sound.
The rich, detailed tone of an acoustic guitar is created by a delicate triple harmony of strings, neck and body. But a piezo or magnetic pickup never capture the full body resonance, often resulting in thin sound dominated by the strings. This tendency can't be fully compensated with a conventional preamp equalizer.

The A2 series incorporates 24-bit / 96 kHz sampling and sophisticated sound modeling technology to process the line signal from the pickup, adding a lush body tone and the spatial ambience that is created by mic recording. Even when playing through an amplifier or PA speaker, the resonance of the guitar body is restored, allowing the natural acoustic sound to shine through.

The new ZOOM ZFX-3 32-bit DSP chip.
The heart of any multi-effect device is its processor and decoder section. ZOOM has attained a new level with the ZFX-3 chip. 32-bit architecture ensures outstanding performance and allows smooth and detailed signal processing. Fine nuances of fingering and touch come through without any deterioration, thanks to this incredibly powerful DSP.

Select optimum characteristics to match pickup and amp model.
The GLOBAL module that controls settings for the entire unit combines a pair of parameters called AMP SELECT and PICKUP SELECT. These let you optimize frequency response for the type of pickup and amp that you are using. Whether recording or live on stage, you can always get just the right acoustic sound.

AMP SELECT: Choose from three settings (combo, bright combo, stack) and eliminate the excessive treble that can ruin the sound when playing an acoustic guitar through an amp.

PICK UP SELECT: Besides piezo and magnetic for acoustic guitars, electric guitar pickup settings such as single-coil and humbucker settings are available allowing you to use the unit as an acoustic guitar simulator.

Six-band linear equalizer or two-band parametric equalizer provide ambience control.
Center frequency allocation and filter slopes of the built-in, six-band EQ are optimized for acoustic guitar. Peaking type filters in the crucial middle range (320Hz, 500Hz, 1.2kHz, 6.3kHz) are augmented by shelving-type filters at the low and high end (60Hz and 12kHz). Further flexibility is offered by the possibility to switch to a two-band parametric EQ for delivering a pin-point boost or cut. The A2 series lets you really take control.

Feedback control feature.
When playing an acoustic guitar on stage, acoustic feedback (howling) is often a problem, but now there is a remedy. The feedback control feature allows automatic or manual detection of the constantly changing feedback point and an effective notch filter is then brought into action to provide the required attenuation. Auto detection can be triggered with the foot switch to allow swift reaction during a performance.

47 high-quality effects implemented with 32-bit processing.
Eight modules dedicated to aspects such as dynamics, filtering, modulation and ambience offer a total of 47 effects. A limiter/compressor lets you control peaks and ensure that levels are matched. The air effect simulates the ambience in a room, the detune effect adds pitch-shifted harmony components for that fleeting 12-string guitar sound. Or emphasize a specific frequency range with the resonator. All of these effects are optimized for acoustic guitar and can be put to use right away. Other features include multi-tap delay and long delay with settings up to 5000ms, reverse delay, flanger, phaser and various other, studio-class effects.

Add body and depth with 3 types of chorus.

Add just the right amount of body and depth to the sound when you need it. The choice is yours: warm and mild mono chorus, clear and transparent stereo chorus, expansive and three-dimensional chorus ensemble and more.

Enhance your acoustic sound with 9 types of reverb.

The A2 has nine types of reverb designed specifically for acoustic guitar including Hall, Room, Arena, Tiled Room. Many guitarists will also be familiar with Spring Reverb. The A2 also features a reverb setting called "Early Reflections" and a Slap Reverb that is a first for this class. Each reverb setting is fully adjustable so the user can make each phrase more distinct.

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it has over 60 effects and you can customize your own effect or the patches already given to you. it had a built in tuner and a drum machine built into it. you can also fine great patches for it on youtube and it worth the 190$ it coast nothing for what it gives
Posted by anonymous on Aug 18, 2012
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