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Alfred Publishing Hear It, Read It, Write It! - Perry/Perry - Book/CD

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30 Sequential Music Dictation Lessons

Authors: Dave and Jean Perry
Format: Book & CD
Version: Classroom Theory
Level: Grades 4-9

Learning to read music is much like learning a language. There are three basic elements: listening, reading, and writing. This well-organized book provides step-by-step sequential lessons for developing these skills. Rhythm, note, and interval concepts are taught in the following way: first, hear and echo a short musical example; second, read and perform a notated exercise; and third, notate musical phrases as demonstrated on the CD. Worksheet-style student pages are included as reproducible PDFs. Ten-minute activities for teaching or assessment, recommended for fourth through ninth grade ensembles or music classes.

  • Foreword
  • How to Use This Book
  • Lessons
    • Rhythm: Quarter Note and Quarter Rest
    • Rhythm: Two Eighth Notes and One Eighth Note
    • Time Signatures: 4/4
    • Time Signatures: 2/4 and 3/4
    • Rhythm: Half Note
    • Rhythm: Half Rest
    • Rhythm: Dotted Half Note
    • Rhythm: Dotted Quarter Note and Eighth Note
    • Rhythm: Whole Note and Whole Rest
    • Major Scale, Key Signatures: C and F
    • Solfege: DO and RE
    • Solfege: MI
    • Solfege: TI
    • Solfege: LA
    • Solfege: FA
    • Solfege: SOL
    • Key Signatures: F and B flat
    • Key Signatures: E flat and A flat
    • Key Signatures: G and D
    • Key Signatures: A and E
    • Intervals: Second
    • Intervals: Third
    • Review
    • Review
    • Intervals: Fifth
    • Review
    • Review
    • Intervals: Fourth
    • Review
    • Review
  • Appendices
    • Blank Dictation Templates
    • Rhythm Reading Guide
    • Rhythm Cards
    • Music Symbols Practice
    • Draw the Barlines and What's My Name?
    • Major Scale
    • G: Curwen Hand Signs
    • H: Keyboard Diagram
    • I: Key Signature Flashcards
  • About the Authors
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