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Digital Audio Labs Livemix Dual Mix Personal Monitor Mixer

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Livemix is the personal monitoring system that is simple enough for volunteers to use, but deep enough to meet professional demands. In addition to ease of use and amazing features, Livemix sounds incredible and is an outstanding value.

The Livemix CS-DUO is extremely simple to use and lightning fast to setup. While the CS-DUO provides two mixes per unit, MirrorMix allows you to hear and mix any personal mix in the system from any other personal mixer. With a long list of innovative features, Livemix CS-DUO is the most feature rich personal monitor mixer available.


• 12-channel overview on LCD touchscreen for quick and easy identification of channels
• Color LCD Touch Screen provides informative displays with direct interaction
• Illuminated channel and buttons
• Custom channel naming allows for selecting instrument or singer by custom name instead of by channel number
• Continuous rotary/push switch knobs (3 per mix) for quick and easy adjustment of different settings
• Built-in metronome provides a common tempo and timing reference for all users
• 5 channel groups, including the ME group allows for quick volume adjustment of logical groups of instruments such as drums, background vocals, etc.
• Optional foot pedal for hands-free mixing
• Two discreet mixes per controller
• Built-in stereo ambient microphones
• Built-in Intercom for easy communication with the other ensemble members on the stage
• Auxiliary Input for connecting media players or other
audio sources
• Power and audio over single CAT5 network cable (no separate power cable required) reduces stage clutter and simplifies setup
• 24 channels of input audio Craft a custom mix from a wide variety of individual instrument and vocal sources
• EQ & Compression presets on every channel
• EQ and Compression + Reverb on the master channel helps you fine tune the overall sound of your mix
• MirrorMix remote mixing
• Save/Load individual mixes to/from USB allows users to bring their previously perfected mixes to new systems and venues
• High gain headphone amplifier provides clean, great-sounding audio quality
• Mute and Solo on each channel
• Stereo Mix Output to USB on MIX-16 for recording
• High quality dual position microphone stand mount
• 1/4" balanced mono output allows for headphone or floor monitor option


Output Power & THD+N:
@22Ω - 200mW @ 1% THD+N; 100mW @ .03% THD +N
@32Ω - 250mW @ 1% THD+N; 100mW @ .014% THD +N
@64Ω - 250mW @ 1% THD+N; 100mW @ .005% THD +N
@300Ω - 130mW @ 1% THD+N; 100mW @ .003% THD +N
Frequency Response: 20 Hz 22 kHz 3 dB
S/N Ratio: 103 dB
Input Impedance (aux in): 7.5 kΩ
Crosstalk (Left to Right): -103 dB
Max Cable length from Mix16: 100 ft.
Filter Q: High Pass & Low Pass.707
Peak/Dip: 1.2
Filter Cut/Boot Amount: +/- 6 dB
Ambient Mic Gain: 25 dB

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 8.25 x 6 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 1.9 lbs.
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