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Groove Juice Juice Stick Grip

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Stick Grip a spray-on grip enhancing product that will allow drummers to fine tune their grip on the sticks giving them more control and also prevent the dropping of sticks or the dreaded flying drum stick.

Intended Usage:
Stick Grip is an aerosol spray-on product that is applied to the gripping portion of the drum stick. Simply spray a light coating of the product on your sticks, wait about one minute for the formula to dry. Drummers can tune the tackiness of their sticks by spraying on successive thin coats until the desired level of tack is achieved.

Why Youll Love It
Stick Grip has some amazing properties that make it a unique grip enhancing product.
1st - Stick Grip is non-transferable. Once the formula dries on the drum stick, none of it will transfer or migrate to your hands. You get that tackified feeling without any sticky, messy residue on your hands.
2nd - Stick grip is a clear micro thin film of rubberized adhesive. Its invisible.
3rd because Stick Grip is a rubber based tackifier, it works great in sweaty, hot or cold conditions. No more drum sticks slipping out of your hands during extended playing times.
4th by treating your sticks with Stick Grip, it does not change the dimension of the drum stick.

Made in the U.S.A, Stick Grip four ounce can will treat about 75-80 spray applications.

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I tried this stuff thinking it would help with sticks flying out of sweaty hands. The smell is strong but I have a sensitive nose. The stuff is sticky but it all came off on my hands during a hard playing session and I didn't want to keep re-applying due to the smell. There must be a better solution out there than this stuff.
Posted by Deltoidman on Jul 26, 2015
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