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ZVEX Effects Vexter Loop Gate Pedal

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Gating very complex sounds like fuzz and delay is always a challenge. The Loop GateTM provides a loop switch with a built-in "perfect" audio gate (high headroom, no distortion, no hiss) that lets you set up a loop of pedals you can switch in and out of your signal path at will, but you have a couple of really fun options to control that loop. Let's say you want to play a bunch of really interesting noise textures into the loop to create a giant swath of sound with echos and fuzz and perhaps a Lo-fi Loop JunkyTM repeating some swirly, woozy phrase, and you want it to fade away perfectly when you mute the strings on your guitar. This can do that. It looks at your guitar signal to see when you want to gate. It doesn't even bother to look at the output from your loop of pedals... that's way too noisy to study. It's much better to look at the incoming guitar signal to see what's up, and that's just what the Loop GateTM does. If you want to eliminate the gate from the equation, there's a stomp switch for that. If you want to bypass the entire loop of pedals instantly, there's a stomp switch for that too. The release time is completely adjustable from downright slammin' to extremely long and lovely, like the most gorgeous fadeout performed by a professional engineer. Of course, there's a wide-ranging sensitivity control to set the turn-on threshold. And the amazing thing is, it uses the same glistening buffer found in the Lo-fi Loop JunkyTM (the clean sound) which can be switched in and out of the circuit at the input, in case you are using a fuzz first thing in the loop and you need to have the guitar directly connected. We've completely perfected that buffer... it's both velvety and glistening and has very high headroom.
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