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ZVEX Effects Vexter Wah Probe

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Zvex continues to pamper us guitar fetishists with the all new Zvex Vexter Wah Probe. This graphically challenged Wah Probe is the same circuit and same great tone for a price that is recession-friendly. What is the Wah Probe? The Zvex Vexter Wah Probe is wella wah pedal but not one like you 've seen before if you had to ask. The Zvex Vexter Wah Probe features a theremin sensor footpad that senses the height of your foot above the brass pad and turns this into a control signal that sweeps the wah filter, just like if there was an actual treadle pedal under your foot. How 's that for fancy? In addition to the fun floating foot wah pedal trick, the Zvex Vexter Wah Probe features a built in Super Hard-On boost to allow for adjusting the ideal level of the wah when engaged all the way to way too loud. It can even boost the signal into the wah to the point of things are about to blow for some unique sounds. Other controls are Range for determining the frequency range response of the filter sweep and a Mix control that sets the wet/dry mix of the effect from effect only to pure dry. The Zvex Vexter Wah Probe is one of the funnest wah pedals out there and will provide hours of entertainment, great tone, and might even inspire some new dance moves.
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