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ISP Technologies Decimator ProRack G Stereo Mod

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Rack mount stereo Decimator Noise Reduction system with dynamic filter and downward expander, designed specifically for guitar applications where a true stereo Decimator is required. The Decimator ProRack G guitar noise reduction system defines a new standard for excellence in real time noise reduction performance. The Decimator ProRack G was designed to provide the maximum possible performance in a rack mount dual channel noise reduction system designed specifically for extremely high gain guitar amplifiers. The Decimator ProRack G is the only system in the world designed with two channels of single ended noise reduction configured specifically for high gain guitar applications, allowing one channel to deliver noise reduction for the guitar directly and a second channel to eliminate amplifier gain noise. Channel one eliminates the 50 or 60 cycle hum, buzz, stage light noise, and any other noise picked up directly by the instrument. The ProRack control circuit of the second channel detects and tracks the guitar signal directly while the signal processing audio chain is patched into the effects loop of the high gain guitar amplifier. Now you can quiet down even the most insane amounts of noise with any squealing problem that the high gain guitar player fights. You know how difficult this problem can be. You play staccato notes and in between each note you have a squeal or burst of feedback thats virtually impossible to control. Problem solved with the Decimator ProRack G. By proper setting of the threshold for channel one and channel two, you can eliminate this problem for good. The Decimator ProRack G has dual processing channels incorporating both low-level downward expansion and dynamically controlled low-pass filtering in a very easy to use single rack space unit. The Decimator ProRack G is based on ISP Technologies patent pending Time Vector Processing which provides the most adaptively dynamic release response characteristics of any real time noise reduction system. The patent pending Time Vector Processing dynamic response circuit is used to control the release time constant of both the downward expander and dynamic filter. Not only does the Decimator ProRack G deliver the most stunning noise reduction, it also solves the problem of needing to adjust the threshold setting every time you change gain or switch channels. By using the input guitar signal to drive both channels level detection circuitry; once the thresholds are set based on the guitar input, the ProRack G needs no other adjustments. This will give you the correct threshold with clean, crunch, and even monstrous amounts of gain and if you use pedals you can insert them in the loop between the output of the Decimator Channel 1 and the input of the guitar amplifier.
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