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ISP Technologies DECI-MATE G Micro Decimator Noise Gate Pedal

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ISP Technologies introduces the new DECI-MATE G[trade] Micro Decimator pedal. The DECI-MATE G pedal is a full implementation of the world renowned Decimator G circuit with new patent pending tracking improvements all in a small, micro pedal package. When real estate is critical the DECI-MATE G is the answer. Now you can have the best noise reduction available in a micro pedal package with the full functionality of the larger G version of the Decimator pedal. The DECI-MATE G has a loop to insert your noisy pedals or connect to the effects loop of a guitar amplifier that has a series loop.

The G version of the Decimator allows the noise reduction to directly track the guitar output. The advantage of tracking the direct guitar is the noise floor of the direct guitar output remains constant when you switch pedals or preamplifiers with different gain settings. This allows the DECI-MATE G to eliminate the noise in your rig without any need to adjustment its threshold setting for different gains and the corresponding noise floor changes. You can switch between extreme high gain and clean and never need to adjust the threshold. The ISP Technologies engineering team has spent years perfecting the operation of real time noise reduction and has been awarded multiple patents for the Decimator Technology. Patents include the technology for the adaptive response of the Decimator, which tracks the envelope of both super fast staccato notes as well as long sustained notes.

• Full Decimator G String in MICRO Pedal package
• Loop INPUT and OUTPUT on 3.5mm TRS / Interface Y cable included
• True Bypass Design
• New DECIMATOR X Technology uses Time Vector Integration.
• Adaptive release provides smoothest release response possible
• Adaptive release tracks both staccato and long sustained notes
• Adaptive tracking response tracks any playing style
• Greater than 90db effective noise reduction
• Superior design to noise gates using downward expansion with adaptive release
• Analog circuit for transparency / no digital aliasing

Pedal Type: Guitar Noise Reduction
Inputs: 1X Guitar Input inch
Input Impedance: 500k ohms
Maximum Input Level: +10 dbU
Output: 1X 1/4 inch
Maximum Noise Reduction: Greater than 90db
Release Response: Adaptive over 1000 to 1 ratio
True Bypass: Yes
Chassis Size: 3.7 inches x 1.5 inches x 1.3 inches
Power Input: 9VDC 40 milliamp minimum / tip: negative / sleeve: positive
Power Supply Included: NO
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