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Hammond SKX Pro Dual Manual Stage Organ - 61 Note

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The Hammond SkPRO has quickly become the preferred stage keyboard for musicians of all genres, and Hammond heard the call for a dual manual version. No matter which style you play, the SkxPRO will meet your demands for a genuine dual-manual Hammond Organ with all the required additional sounds any keyboard player requires, for any performance or recording session. The SkxPRO shares all the sounds and features of the 61 & 73 key SkPRO.

• Authentic Hammond organ derived from their top-of-the-line XK-5
• 3 independent sets of drawbars: upper/lower/pedal
• Expanded transistor and pipe organ voices (including classical and theatre organ ranks)
• Piano section with a wide variety of keyboard instruments, including new high-resolution grand and electric piano sounds, ensemble section with essential brass, reed, string, choir and percussion instruments
• Analog-modelled mono synth section
• Pitch bend and modulation wheels
• Seamless switching of tones while playing
• Patches, combinations and centrally located favorite/allocate buttons for quick and easy access to performance needs
• Direct power connection (no wall-wart power-adapter)
• Multiple, assignable, outputs, with discrete organ and bass outputs
• 1/8" stereo input jack for external audio sources
• 11-pin Leslie jack
• On-board bulk storage for all programming
• USB Type "A" and "B" ports for USB MIDI and mass storage functions
• Large color display giving essential instrument information instantly

Keyboard: Dual 61, with velocity, semi-weighted, Square-front ("Waterfall"・-style) C1 to C6
Piano/Ensemble: Component: 4, LFO: 2
- Organ Section: Vibrato & Chorus , Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Matching Transformer , Leslie, Equalizer & Tone Control
- Piano/Ensemble Section: For each section: Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Equalizer
- Mono Synth Section: Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Equalizer
- Master: Equalizer, Reverb
Controllers: Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Portamento, Leslie (Bypass, Stop, Fast)
Storage: Internal Memory, USB Flash Drive
Display: 320 x 240 pixel, Tilted for improved viewing
Power Consumption: 22W
Dimensions: 1002 x 479 x 183mm (39.5 x 19 x 7.2)
Weight: 16.9kg (37.25 lbs)
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