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Minor Is Major! - Greenblatt - Book

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Minor Is Major! - Greenblatt - Book
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Author: Dan Greenblatt

Minor is Major! is the most comprehensive book ever published on mastering minor key harmony!

Do you get a bit fuzzier on what notes and patterns to use when tunes leave the major key? Here's the solution!

Minor is Major! will give you hundreds of ways to negotiate your way through chord progressions in minor keys, including scale choices, 'hidden chords' within those scales, and melodic patterns based on the intervals in the scale.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Includes a clear explanation of the harmonic and melodic minor scale, including a detailed analysis of their theoretical properties and their many uses in improvisation.
  • Includes analysis of how the diminished, whole-tone, pentatonic, hexatonic, and hybrid scales can also be applied to minor-key progressions.
  • Includes etudes to help the reader hear and play melodic ideas derived from the scales in common harmonic contexts.
  • Includes an extended Appendix of exercises to help the reader gain mastery over the scales.
  • Minor is Major! contains numerous transcriptions of great jazz improvisers such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Clifford Brown, McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson and Chick Corea, and important jazz composers such as Billy Strayhorn, Horace Silver, Dizzy Gillespie, and Wayne Shorter, showing how they make use of the harmonic and melodic minor scales.
  • 150 pages


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