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Catalinbread Dreamcoat Preamp Pedal

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The tools that inspired Ritchie Blackmore have been recreated to inspire you.

The DREAMCOAT serves up an active, adjustable frequency boost, a clean blend and a vintage-correct Aiwa circuit, including the proper operating voltage of the original unit and an all-new saturation control for the Aiwa pre that delivers everything from a delicate, crystalline boost to amp-melting doom sludge. Blackmore tones? Yeah, they're in there. Tons of volume? You bet. But you can also use the DREAMCOAT to dial in every shade of classic rock you've ever dreamed of.

FREQ: This controls the amount of boost at a specified frequency band, from 2.4KHz to 5KHz, which you set with the internal trimmer. When the knob is fully counter clockwise, it's out of the circuit. When you turn it up all the way, you'll get a full 10dB boost at the selected frequency. Warning: a little goes a long way with this control, as ~4KHz is where pink noise and other unpleasantries live.
BLEND: This control blends the signal coming out of the Freq control with the Aiwa deck circuit. Nudge it south-of-max to gain back some of your pick attack, and turn it all the way down to hear just the EQ'd dry signal. When all the way down, make sure you turn your master up to compensate and vice-versa. When your Sat and Mic Vol are cranked and your Blend is just above 0, the resulting dynamic between your dry signal and those more extreme splatty Dreamcoat settings create a truly unique tone.
SAT: Controls the amount of feedback present in the first stage of the Aiwa unit. You can think of it as a "gain range" control. This control was not included on the original unit and was set to a fixed value. The default setting on the original is a hair past noon, everything else is extra. If you find that you are getting too much sputter, turn this control down.
MIC VOL: This is the original "distortion" control of the Aiwa deck and controls the total "distortion" of the circuit.
MASTER: You know what this does. You will never want for volume with the Dreamcoat, it can get punishingly loud. After all, the Aiwa was meant to drive speakers! As you adjust the Blend control, you may need to turn this up.

The Dreamcoat requires a 9V power supply center-negative and draws 44mA.

Current draw: 44mA
Input impedance: > 1MΩ
Output impedance: < 5kΩ
Dimensions: 4.33" x 2.36" x 1.93"
Weight: 0.4 lbs
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