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Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

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There's a ton of good reasons why the SansAmp has stood the test of time. Quite simply, it offers a LOT in a very portable, light and relatively easy to use package.

Put on a manufacturing hiatus in 2016, the SansAmp Classic is being reissued for 2021 due to a surge in popular demand. Virtually unchanged and still made in the USA, the all-analog SansAmp Classic pedal design is B. Andrew Barta's unique invention that was the catalyst for the whole "going direct" movement way back in 1989.

SansAmp Classic features a bank of eight Character switches, which adjust the fine and subtle nuances of tonality, harmonics and dynamics. A three-position Input switch gives you a choice of pre-amp styles: Lead (Marshall[reg]-style), Normal (Mesa Boogie[reg]-style), and Bass (Fender[reg]-style) which is excellent for rhythm as well as bass guitar.

Not just for guitar and bass, everything from industrial samples to maracas have been saved from atonal death by the analog magic of SansAmp Classic. It has defied the odds and remains the standard of the industry.

• The SansAmp Classic's knob controls shape pre-amp contours, power amp contours, volume and final tone.
• SansAmp Classic was specifically engineered with a flat output to provide maximum flexibility and control with external EQ.
• The 3-position input switch gives you a choice of pre-amp styles:
  • LEAD - For Marshall[reg]-type pre-amps with mid-range and highs emphasized
  • NORMAL - For Mesa Boogie[reg]-type pre-amps
  • BASS - For Fender[reg]-type pre-amps (excellent for rhythm guitar as well as bass)
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