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Dusty Strings D650 Chromatic Hammered Dulcimer Outfit with Black Soundboard

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D650 - Solid Sapele Chromatic Dulcimer

600 Series dulcimers feature the largest hammered dulcimers in the Dusty Strings line. The middle child, the D650 features a large body size to produces the same deep, full and resonant tone as the D600, but with a bass range downward to A1. In its standard tuning, the lowest seven courses of the super bass bridge mirror the lowest seven courses of the bass bridge, but an octave below. If that arrangement doesn't provide the particular bass notes you need, raising or lowering a note by a half step gives you great flexibility for tuning and arranging. You won't believe the richness of those low bass notes!

The D650 has 4.5 octaves of range. The lowest note is the A two octaves and a bit below middle C. It is laid out in a 19/18/9 configuration, meaning that there are 19 courses of strings on the treble bridge, 18 courses on the bass bridge, and a 9-course super bass bridge on the left, which provides the lower octave as well as some of the chromatic notes. The overall range is A1 to E6. The chromatic range is B2 to E6.

Dual-Density Bridge System
Designed in collaboration with Sam Rizzetta, Dusty Strings developed the Dual-Density Bridge System to optimize tonal balance across the entire range. In the upper register, jatoba wood is used; a very dense and articulate South American tonewood, which brings out the clear, ringing bell tones of the high notes. Slightly lighter density Eastern hard maple in the mid and lower ranges facilitates a full, warm, round tone. This combination surrounds the player with a balanced blend of clarity, responsiveness, sparkle and warmth.

Carbon Fiber Bracing
Starting in 2011, Dusty Strings began incorporating carbon fiber into the internal bracing of all Chromatic Series dulcimers, improving upon their existing reputation for excellent tuning stability. With a stiffer frame, the tuning stability has gone from excellent to truly exceptional, a benefit that any dulcimer player will appreciate wholeheartedly.

• 4.5 octaves overall range
• 3.5 octaves chromatic range
• Solid sapele soundboard and back
• Traditional 5th-interval tuning
• 19/18 configuration with a 9-course super bass bridge
• Reinforced with carbon fiber for stability

Outfit Includes
• D650 Dulcimer
• #7 Double-Sided Wood/Leather Large Hammers
• C600 Padded Carry Case
• Gooseneck tuning wrench

Soundboard and back: Solid Sapele (with semi-gloss black lacquer)
Rails: Wenge
Pinblocks: Laminated piano-style pinblocks faced with Wenge
Bridges: Jatoba and Eastern Hard Maple
Soundhole insert: Eastern Hard Maple
Bottom rail: 50" / 127 cm
Top rail: 18" / 45.72 cm
Height: 23" / 58.42 cm
Thickness: 4.25" / 10.8 cm
Weight: approx. 25 lb / 11.34 kg
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