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Pro Tools Ultimate 384 Voice Pack - Perpetual Download

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Pro Tools Ultimate 384 Voice Pack - Perpetual Download
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384 Voice Pack - Perpetual Download

Pro Tools Ultimate Voice Packs from Avid allows you to expand your track count. The normal track limit is 384 tracks, which is more than previous versions, but if you need more tracks and if your computer can handle it, these Voice Packs will enable you to run more tracks by adding up to 128 additional voices per Voice Pack to your native Pro Tools Ultimate system at up to 48 kHz.

Each Voice Pack adds an additional 128/64/32 voices at 48/96/192 kHz to Pro Tools | Ultimate's base 384 voices and will vary according to the track width used, for example:
• Mono audio tracks: 128/64/32 additional voices/audio tracks
• Stereo audio tracks: 64/32/16 additional voices/audio tracks
• Quad audio tracks: 32/16/8 additional voices/audio tracks
• 5.1 surround audio tracks: 21/10/5 additional voices/audio tracks
• 7.1 surround audio tracks: 16/8/4 additional voices/audio tracks

A mono audio track uses one voice, a stereo track uses two voices, a 5.1 track uses six voices, and so on
Up to three Voice Packs can be enabled per Pro Tools | Ultimate system for up to 768/384/192 voices at 48/96/192 kHz
Pro Tools | HDX does not support Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs (increase voice counts by adding HDX cards)

System Requirements
• Pro Tools | Ultimate 2019.5 or later
• Pro Tools | HD Native, Core Audio device, or ASIO support
• Avid-qualified computer
• iLok authorization - you can authorize Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs using either a cloud license with iLok Cloud or with a physical iLok USB key

*The total number of voices your system will simultaneously play back is dependent on the processing power of your computer.


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