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Little Labs LL2A Compressor Limiter

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Introducing the LL2A. An all original, fast, soft knee, state of the art compressor limiter with mastering audio fidelity. Ideally suited for everyday use on vocals and full-range material.

• Two-knob fast setup, with high quality stepped, resettable threshold and gain controls
• Fast 400-microsecond attack, 0.9 second release soft knee compression. Also, a 2400-microsecond attack, 4.9 second release for bass, available in stand-alone mode
• Minimalist zen differential circuit topology utilizing only two active components in the audio signal circuit path
• Unique linear voltage multiplier gain reduction, a voltage-controlled attenuation (not amplification) unlike any other commercially available compressor
• True VU ballistic, accurate, fun neon Nixie tube metering
• Internal state of the art super low noise linear voltage regulation, providing full current/ voltage for active audio components and a 1MHz low noise high voltage supply for the Nixie tube
• Linkable for two LL2A compressor stereo balanced use, or a single LL2A can be used for unbalanced stereo
• Rear panel TRS balanced side chain insert, TS link jack, XLR and TRS balanced mono i/o jacks, stereo unbalanced use TRS (tip-left, ring-right), or XLR pin 2-left pin 3-right
• Rack-mountable: Up to 2 LL2A compressor limiters fit in a 1u space

Input impedance:
• Mono balanced input impedance: 20k Ω
• Stereo unbalanced input impedance: 10k Ω
Output impedance:
• Mono balanced output impedance: < 0.5Ω
• Stereo unbalanced output impedance: < 0.5 Ω
Maximum output level:
• In balanced mono +28dB
• In unbalanced stereo +22dB
Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.25" x 1.5"
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