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JHS Pedals Supreme Fuzz Pedal

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1972 Univox Super-Fuzz Replica

The Legends Of Fuzz series is a collection of the world's most historic, rare, and sought after circuits.

Fuzz pedals have been a staple of the JHS lineup for over a decade. The Legends Of Fuzz series is a tribute to the most important fuzz circuits ever made. From the earliest days of fuzz in the mid-60's London scene to the 1990's ex-Soviet military factories that brought the Big Muff back to life, fuzz tells a story, and that story includes guitarists just like you.

A keystone in 1960's fuzz pedal innovation, the Univox Super-Fuzz was an octave fuzz that turned any note or chord into a thick and searing texture. This legendary pedal was the inspiration for the Supreme.
The controls are Volume and Expand. Volume makes the effect louder as you turn it and Expand increases the amount of fuzz. On the side you will see two buttons. The "Tone" button engages a mid cut that flattens out the Supreme's attack and makes it more submissive. Think of this as a preset scooped mid EQ control. The "Mode" button activates the unique "JHS Mode" setting. You will hear a much more pronounced octave up effect, thicker mid-range, and more available volume/boost.

VOLUME - Controls overall output volume. Left is less, right is more.
EXPAND - Acts as a fuzz control. This is the same name that the original fuzz control had. Left is less, right is more.
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