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Line 6 Helix Floor Guitar Processor - Limited Edition Gray

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This distinctive Helix Floor guitar processor features a Limited Edition Gray enclosure.

The Line 6 Helix[reg] Floor guitar and effects processor delivers immense power, flexibility, and control. Award-winning HX Modeling leverages powerful dual-DSP performance to deliver the authentic sound and feel of vintage and modern amps, cabinets, microphones, and effects. A large colour LCD and capacitive-touch footswitches with customizable scribble strips make the user experience faster and more efficient. Extensive I/O and signal-routing capabilities provide unprecedented flexibility for both studio and stage, and Helix Floor can even serve as a comprehensive master controller for your entire studio or live rig by enabling you to easily integrate effects pedals and other hardware into a hybrid setup. Presets are also compatible with the entire Helix family of guitar processors, including the Helix Native Guitar/Effects Processor plug-in, enabling guitarists to take their tones from the studio to the stage and back again.

With HX Modeling, each stage of an amps circuitry is measured and matched back to the original, so that every model reacts and interacts with the player in a genuine and realistic manner. HX Modeling also accurately recreates the behavior of even the most idiosyncratic vintage effects by modeling their individual components. For example, the Transtronic process emulates the behavior of virtually any germanium or silicon transistor or diode, making it possible to authentically recreate fuzz, distortion, and other pedals once considered too persnickety to convincingly model; and the Throbber is a virtual lightbulb that mimics the decidedly nonlinear behavior of the small incandescent bulb and four photocells inside the original Shin-ei Uni-Vibe pedals that are essential to their unique sound and vibe. Helix Floor also lets you load third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) to personalize your rig.

Massive power and flexibility are frequently accompanied by a steep learning curve, but Helix Floor is remarkably easy to use. Capacitive-touch footswitches allow you to immediately jump to any block and quickly adjust a parameter or assign controllers merely by tapping the footswitch with your finger. A large 800x480-pixel LCD eliminates complex menu-diving and provides the same level of control you would expect from an external editor. Colour-coded LED rings and customizable scribble strips instantly convey footswitch assignments and status at a single glance.

One goal when developing the Helix products was to make tone creation easier by allowing guitarists to interact with technology in more intuitive ways. For example, Pedal Edit Mode allows you to edit any amp or effect parameter with your foot, so you can keep playing while making changes on the fly. Select the block you want to edit and its parameters are automatically assigned to the footswitches. Then, simply select and adjust a parameter using the expression pedal.

Featuring an extensive I/O complement, robust routing capabilities, and complete MIDI integration, the Helix Floor processor can serve as a powerful master controller for any size of guitar rig. The four mono or two stereo effects sends/receives may be used to connect individual pedals or pedal chains to create switchable loops, or as additional inputs and outputs, or to process multiple instruments simultaneously. Routing schemes such as wet/dry/wet and 4-Cable Method are also easily configured. There are also three expression pedal inputs, a CV/Expression output, external amp switching capabilities, L6 LINK connectivity, and exclusive Variax[reg] guitar integration. This unparalleled flexibility allows you to create large integrated systems incorporating both digital and analog I/O.

The Helixsoftware editor features the same intuitive user interface found on Helix Floor. Drag and drop amps, cabs, and effects to build signal chains with ease; adjust parameters and settings using dedicated knobs and sliders; quickly customize footswitch labels, and much moreall on your computers large screen.

Helix Floor presets are compatible with the entire Helix family of processors, including Helix Rack, Helix LT, and the Helix Native Guitar/Effects Processor plug-in. All Helix processors feature the same sounds and interface, and all work seamlessly with the Helix editor/librarian application.

Line 6 is committed to continuing the evolution of the Helix family and responding to the needs of guitarists. Helix Floor owners can expect regular firmware updates that add amp and effect models, new features that improve flexibility and workflow, and other software improvements.

• Award-winning dual DSP HX Modeling
• Uncompromised Helix sound quality with 123 dB of dynamic range
• More than 200 Amp, Cab, Mic, and Effect models
• Large 6.2, 800x480-Pixel LCD Screen
• Extensive I/O complement provides unprecedented flexibility for studio and stage
• Up to 3 expression pedals, CV/expression output, external amp switching, and deep MIDI control
• Capacitive-touch Footswitches and Customizable Scribble Strips. Touch to Edit, Hold to Assign, Press to Engage
• Preset compatibility with all other Helix products
• User-friendly Mac and PC based editors enable remote editing and IR management
• Dimensions: 22.05 x 11.87 x 3.61 inches

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