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Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra Drive

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Tony Iommi + Treble Booster + Laney Supergroup \m/

"Transform any guitar rig into a rig of doom with the Sabbra Cadabra."

Tony Iommi arguably had the most influential tone in the history of electric guitar. Really, when you think Black Sabbath you immediately think "Electric Guitar". His early signature sound was the result of an always on treble-booster plugged into cranked Laney Supergroup amps. This approach to guitar is extremely rewarding and fun, but lost in this day and age because honestly who can really get away with the stage volume anymore? Far and few between! We designed the Sabbra Cadabra to give players that sonic experience, re-contextualized for today's approach where players tend to use amps solely within their clean range at more mortal volume levels.

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I acquired a short time after I purchased the DLS Red the above pedal. Since the DLSR did such a splendid job with its Plexi sounds, I took a chance on the Laney like on. And does it ever replicate the sound of the fabulous old Laney, it also nails it in association with the very collectible (and expensive) booster! As with the other Catalinbread pedal I own, the controls offer much fine tuning. The pedal delivers an immense amount of gain/sustain Tony Iommi's aficionado will love. As for my own use, most of the controls are at just below 12 O'clock except the volume I keep for home practice. The pedal loves humbuckers though it will generate hum with P90's at high gain settings. . The pedal sounds amazing thru tube amplifiers. The little Fender Pro JR IV I own becomes a real Laney. Another amp of mine, a Marshall OR5W combo works very well, however, the 8" isn't as good as the 10" Jensen in the Pro Jr or the Traynor DX112 cab with its Greenback. A surprise involves the small Electro-Harmonix 5MM pedal amp. This amp works like a marvel with pedals. Through a good cab such as the Traynor, it's the perfect practice low-volume-neighbour-friendly device. With the Boss RV-6 for a pinch of reverb in front of either the CB SabCad or DLSR, it's truly the ultimate practice rig. I highly recommend the CB SabCad (and also the CB DLSR for the ones looking for a Plexi sound). I prefer the former since it offers more sustain however, the DLSR is also an amazing pedal. For Jimmy Page's fans, check from the same maker their Royal Albert Hall version. It truly nails early J.P. sound from 1970. There's a video from its designer Howard Gee on the net where he plays "Since I've Been Loving You". The sound produced is identical! As usual, the Belleville staff was outstanding. Many thanks to Mr. T.!!
Posted by D. StGuinefort on Dec 11, 2020
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