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Korg XE-20 88-key Digital Ensemble Piano

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XE-20: A digital piano with automatic accompaniment

The XE20 is a new digital piano that features an 88-note natural-touch keyboard and contains two full concert grand pianos. It also includes automatic accompaniment so users can go from practicing their favourite songs to truly performing them at the touch of a button.

A complete array of auto accompaniment Styles can be accessed with your left hand, giving you the backing of a full band that you control completely. Play chords, and XE20 will follow your changes in any Style you select. Change variations with a single touch. Add fills wherever you want. Add a melody with your right hand.
It's a completely live and in-the-moment way of performing!

Two distinct concert grand piano sounds
XE20's German Piano is sourced from one of the most famous pianos makers in the world; beloved by numerous pianists for its versatile expressive power. It is distinctive for its bold tonality together with a brilliant high register and nuanced low range. The Italian Piano is also famous world-wide for its rich resonances and sensitivity to players' styles. These two sounds will give you a nuanced choice to help you get the most out of your playing experience.

Perform with an extensive variety of sounds
In addition to its stunning pianos, the XE20 provides a versatile collection of more than 700 expressive and authentic sounds, including electric pianos, organs, synth pads, brass, strings, drum kits, and much more, all sampled from actual acoustic and digital instruments. Each of these realistic sounds can be played live or used as part of XE20's automatic accompaniments.

Perform your favourite songs with the XE20
Once you're comfortable playing a song, you can record your own performance on the XE20 and save it for later. In addition to your own songs, you can use the Song Mode to play back on board demo songs, MP3 or WAV audio data, or S Standard MIDI Files from any commercially available USB flash drive, while you perform along with the playback.

Powered-up speakers for powerful playback
XE20's speakers have been redesigned to provide plenty of power and clarity as well. This new playback system also improves the overall balance, so that even when automatic accompaniment is enabled, the low frequencies of the drums and bass will be present while allowing the piano to shine through.

A keyboard with the touch of an acoustic piano
The XE20 features a graded weighted hammer action keyboard to provide a true acoustic piano fee; lower keys feel heavier and get lighter as you play upward. The keyboard is finely balanced, providing a natural, effortless playing experience.


Keyboard: NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) Keyboard, 88 key (A0C8)

Touch Control: Four types, Soft (light), medium (standard), hard (heavier), fixed

Pitch: Transpose, Fine tuning

Sound Generation: Stereo PCM

Maximum Polyphony:
• 184 voices
• German piano and Italian piano: total maximum 120 voices
• Other sounds: total maximum 64 vioices

Sound: Over 705 sounds, 41 drum kits (including GM compatible sound set)

• Accompaniment part: 2 stereo digital multi-effects
• Keyboard part: 2 stereo digital multi-effects

• 280 presets
• 2 intro, 4 viriations, 2 Fills, 1 count in/break, 2 endings, syncro start/stop, tap tempo
Music Styles: Over 64 styles
Demo Songs: 21 songs

Audio Player: MP3, WAV(44.1kHz, 16bit)

• Record: Real-time recording (Style mode), maximum of 999 songs (approx. 100,000 notes), 12 tracks (4 keyboard parts + 8 auto accompaniment parts), original format (can convert to SMF0)
• Playback: Supports song play (playing on the keyboard during song playback), SMF (Standard MIDI File) format 0 or

Set lists: 10 banks x 4

Metronome: Tempo, beat, volume
Tempo: 30240

Key Transpose: C (-12) to C (0) to C (+12)
Tuning: 427.5452.9 Hz

• Foot controller jack: 6.3 mm (1/4") phone jack
• AUDIO IN jack: 3.5 (1/8") mm stereo mini-phone jack
• OUTPUT L/MONO, R jack: 6.3 mm (1/4") phone jack (unbalanced)
• Headphones jack: 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini-phone jack
• USB A port: TO DEVICE port for connecting, USB flash memory and controllers
• USB B port: TO HOST port for connecting personal computers
• PEDAL jack: Damper pedal (included), PU-2 pedal unit (sold separately)

Speaker System:
• Amplification: 18 W 2
• Speakers: 57 mm (2.24") 126 mm (4.96") Elliptical speakers 2 (bass reflex box type)
• Speaker EQ: 8 types


Display: Custom LCD with backlighting

Power supply: AC adapter (included)
Power Consumption: 13 W

Dimensions (W x D x H):
1,312 x 336 x 118 mm/51.65" x 13.23" x 4.65" (not including sheet music stand)
1,312 x 336 x 751 mm/51.65" x 13.23" x 29.57" (Height with sheet music stand attached)
Weight: 11.4 kg/25.13 lbs

Included items: AC adapter, sheet music stand, damper pedal
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Store Special Product - Korg - XE20
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Store Special Product - Korg - XE20 Store Special Product - Korg - XE20 Store Special Product - Korg - XE20