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IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo 2x3 USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Guitar Tone Shaping

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Compact audio interface with advanced guitar tone shaping
AXE I/O, IK's award-winning audio interface, set a new standard for guitar-oriented recording interfaces. Now AXE I/O SOLO brings the same great tone shaping, convenient features and premium sound to everyone, everywhere, in a compact and affordable 2-in / 3-out format.

Your guitar's golden channel
AXE I/O SOLO offers a triple-topology instrument input designed to preserve your guitar's unique character, combined with powerful tone-shaping features to adapt to any guitar or bass, and helps you coax a wider range of sounds from any instrument.

Pick your pickup:
• PASSIVE: designed to accommodate everything from low-output vintage pickups to hotter modern humbuckers with ultra-low noise and extended frequency response.
• ACTIVE: bypasses unnecessary gain stages when using active pick-ups, to keep your signal path as direct, transparent and clean as possible.

Choose your channel:
• PURE: a completely transparent and ultra-accurate preamp circuit that won't colour your sound in any way.
• JFET: a Class A JFET input buffer for subtle harmonic enhancement, midrange focus and warmth.

AXE I/O SOLO also offers IK's patent pending Z-TONE[trade] circuit, letting you dial in impedance from 1 MOhm ("sharp") down to 2.2 kOhms ("bold") that interacts with your pick-ups. At the maximum impedance, you'll find your sound tighter, sharper and more precise. Increase the load and the sound becomes thicker and bolder.

PURE mic preamp for transparent recording
AXE I/O SOLO offers a high-definition, Class A mic preamp designed for transparent and clean recording. An extended, flat frequency response captures the full tonal range of your voice or instrument without colouring the sound, and best-in-class dynamic range ensures ultra-quiet recordings.

Re-amplification made easier than ever
AXE I/O SOLO offers a dedicated Amp Out, a with ground-isolated design and zero-latency routing, letting you ditch expensive and confusing reamping setups.

It's simple: connect the Amp Out to your amp, then mic it up using AXE I/O SOLO's microphone preamp. Now you can capture a clean copy of your signal while recording and feed it back to your amp afterwards to experiment with different amp, stompbox and microphone settings without re-recording countless takes.

A full-blown analog in-the-box studio - out of the box
AXE I/O SOLO offers a massive bundle of software and plug-ins to unleash your creativity.

The included AmpliTube 4 Deluxe offers over 140 ultra-accurate models of guitar and bass amps, cabs, pedals, mics and more.

10 of IK's best sounding T-RackS 5 processors cover the most popular gear for mixing and mastering full tracks. And Ableton Live 10 Lite gives you a fresh and easy way to write music, record audio and produce your own songs.

• 2-in / 3-out USB audio interface
• ACTIVE/PASSIVE pick-up selector
• PURE and JFET input stages
• Z-Tone[trade] impedance-adapting circuit
• Amp Out with ground loop interrupter
• High-resolution, Class A mic preamp
• 24-bit, 192 kHz sound quality
• Wide frequency response ideal for instruments
• Best-in-class analog/digital conversion
• Ultra-low noise floor for high-gain recording

System Requirements
Computer: 64-bit application. Requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System
Mac[reg] (64-bits)
Minimal: macOS 10.11 or later. One free USB port.
Windows[reg] (64-bits)
Minimal: Windows 7 or later. One free USB port.

Conversion: 24-bit A/D, 24-bit D/A
Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz and 192 kHz
Power: USB
Device Connection: USB B-Type 2.0
Enclosure: metal sheet
Line Outputs 1-2 (Monitor)
Configuration: Electronically balanced and floating, automatically compensates level when connection is balanced or unbalanced, tip hot.
Output 3 (Amp output)
Configuration: Unbalanced, floating, with selectable ground lift
Headphones Out
Output impedance: Virtually ideal source (zero Ohms) until clipping
Mic Input
Configuration: Class-A discrete differential microphone preamp, pin 2 hot
Line Input
Configuration: Class-A discrete differential line receiver, tip hot
Instrument Input
Configuration: Multiple topology instrument preamp
Input impedance, PASSIVE mode: Variable from 1 MOhms down to 2.2 kOhms
Input impedance, ACTIVE mode: 10 kOhms
Size: 19.5cm x 19.5cm x 5.3cm (7.7" x 7.7" x 2.1")
Weight: 1.0kg (2.2 lb)

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Closest StoreWinnipeg (Pembina Hwy.), Manitoba
Got my unit today from L&M and let me tell you. This interface is the best I’ve used for recording guitars/bass DI. Previously I was using the Axe FX III but thought it was too overkill for my needs. I sold my fractal and bought this after but after comparing the majority interfaces that are out right now. But the only reason I chose this unit was because it has a low noise floor which makes it great for playing through high-gain plugins without introducing a lot of noise. Now the only thing I was afraid of was the latency, Because there is not much info about the latency at all kind made it a hard choice for me. Well I went for it, tried it and can tell you, my rtl through reaper is about 5.6ms with a buffer of 8 @48 with no noise or crackling. Latency is just as good as my old focusite 2i4(2nd gen) that I used prior to my fractal unit. Have not had any issues with my unit and setup was easy. Overall I love this unit and will be using it for a long time.
Posted by Aaron Q. on Aug 13, 2020
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