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AEA Microphones RPQ 500 Microphone Preamp

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RPQ 500


The new RPQ500 module is based on the successful design of the fullrack RPQ preamplifier and provides the same ultra-clean, high-gain signal path that has earned AEA preamps their great reputation. The RPQ500 has been enhanced with
additional features, turning it into a workhorse tool for any API 500 compatible rack.

With 80 dB of quiet JFET gain and NoLoadTM input impedance above 10,000 Ω, it delivers the bandwidth and quietness needed for high resolution recording. The CurveShaperTM offers a natural option for sculpting your sound right at the start of the signal path.

Switchable and tunable low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) contour controls allow engineers to tame proximity problems and provide HF extension and slope control. The high-frequency CurveShaperTM excels at adding a touch of air
or presence, and the low-frequency control can remove boxiness and boominess in a fast and unobtrusive way. The Line/Mic switch bypasses the microphone gain stage and allows the EQ to be used for tracking with other preamps or during mixdown.

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Bought two a couple years ago for the API Lunchbox, and after playing with them in live settings, and of course, recording with them -- I simply must have more! They are so quiet and clear, have a good amount of headroom and they come with a sparkle making shelf. Plus, the LoCut filter is very handy, gets used every time, unless I'm using them for mains. Run ribbons or condensers thru it, but my ribbons love this pre. I have choices, too: Millennia, DAV, Vintech, UA, and these are THE BEST for ribbons I've used. Anyway, five stars because a mic pre rarely has these kind of quality and features for this ridiculously low price.
Posted by Matt Stephanson on Dec 9, 2016
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