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Silverstein Works ALTA Ambipoly Tenor Saxophone Reed - Classic - #2.5+

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Forget What You Know About Synthetic Reeds
Silverstein ALTA Ambipoly reeds are the next generation in woodwind reeds. ALTA Ambipoly reeds feel, play, sound and react more similarly to cane than any other synthetic reed available on the market.

Feels and Plays Like Cane
ALTA Ambipoly reeds are always ready to play but benefit from 3 minutes of wetting. Just like cane reeds, Ambipoly reeds are adjustable with a reed knife or sandpaper so you can customize your reeds to best suit you. Even without sanding, the reed's vamp is smooth- you won't feel like you're playing a plastic reed.

The First Concert-Grade Synthetic Reed
The proof is in the sound- rich and warm with extremely flexible dynamic capability. Ambipoly reeds are clear and consistent throughout all registers, especially in the altissimo range.

Longer Life
All woodwind players desire a good reed that can last a long time- Ambipoly reeds do just that. Unlike cane, Ambipoly reeds do not crack and fray as a result of changes in temperature and humidity, meaning Ambipoly reeds are ready to play, no matter the climate or weather. The Ambipolymer material is also much more resilient than cane, meaning it will endure much more stress. Ambipoly reeds have a much greater lifespan than cane, able to last 5+ months (with 4 hours of daily use) without any noticeable changes.

Classic and Jazz
ALTA Ambipoly reeds for saxophones are available in two styles: Classic and Jazz. Both styles of reed can be used for classical and jazz music. Classic reeds provide a rounder sound with a warmer, darker tone while Jazz reeds are more focused with a bright, crisp tone. If you desire a dark, warm sound when playing jazz, then Classic reeds are recommended.

• Concert grade reed with round and warm sound
• Rich harmonics over full dynamic range
• Perfect and clear altissimo
• Made with the most advanced symphonic material, Ambipolymer for perfect consistency among all reeds
• Last more than 5 months (4 hours/day)
• Very stable against climate variations like temperature, humidity and altitude
• Adjustable with a reed knife or sandpaper like cane reeds
• Never degrades, frays or develop 'micro cracks'
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ALTA Ambipoly Tenor Saxophone Reed - Classic - #2