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HP704 Digital Piano with Stand & Bench - White

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HP704 Digital Piano with Stand & Bench - White

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HP704 Digital Piano with Stand & Bench - White
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Premium Look and Authentic Piano Touch with Four-Speaker Audio System

The HP704 provides the style, performance, and pristine sound projection you'd expect from a premium studio piano. With its sleek, sophisticated cabinet design, this digital piano makes a statement wherever you play it. The advanced PHA-50 keyboard, onboard tutorial features, and Bluetooth connectivity with music apps mean you'll always be inspired to play, explore and improve. The tall, elegant cabinet houses a powerful four-speaker audio system that delivers dynamic, room-filling sound as you perform or while you relax by streaming your favourite tunes.

Simple and Sophisticated Design that Invites You to Play
A great-sounding piano must look good too. From the tall-yet-slim cabinet to the elegant front legs and sophisticated curves based on the design concept of the Roland's flagship LX Series, the HP704 draws you in and compels you to start playing. Each finish has been carefully selected and meticulously manufactured, so you can choose a piano that truly looks at home in your living room. Also, the cabinet is designed to deliver the best possible sound, regardless of where the piano is situated.

Express yourself with the responsive PHA-50 Keyboard
When it comes to the wish list for your new piano, playing 'feel' should be a priority. Whether building basic skills or expressing yourself in a demanding performance, the HP704's responsive PHA-50 keyboard reacts to your touch, putting you in control and keeping you inspired. You'll also appreciate the blend of artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology; sleek wooden sides give each white key a familiar feel, while the durable inner frame ensures maintenance-free reliability over years of daily playing.

Dynamic Sound from Powerful Four-Speaker System.
A great sound makes you play better. The HP704's SuperNATURAL technology captures the essence of an acoustic piano in every note. And as you play, your performance comes to life through an advanced four-speaker Acoustic Projection System that delivers sparkling highs, warm lows, and everything in-between. The four speakers are configured as two pairs inside the instrument, and each pair is optimized to deliver superior sound reproduction across the piano's vast dynamic range. Whether you're playing or streaming music, you'll hear every note in immersive, crystal-clear sound.

• Authentic acoustic tone from Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology
• Express yourself with the PHA-50 Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action pedals
• Acoustic Projection System with four speakers that work together to recreate the deep, rich sound field of an acoustic piano
• Headphones 3D Ambience for an immersive and realistic playing experience when practicing with headphones
• Includes a large and versatile collection of non-piano sounds such as electric piano, strings, organ, and many others
• Simple and modern luxury cabinet design featuring elegant front legs and sophisticated curves
• Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and practice piano with audio from apps routed through the piano's speaker system

Included Accessories
• Owner's Manual
• The collection of scores "Roland Piano Masterpieces"
• AC adaptor
• Power cord
• Headphone hook
Piano Sound
SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling
PHA-50 Keyboard: Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel (88 keys)
Progressive Damper Action Pedal (Damper pedal: capable of continuous detection, Soft pedal: capable of continuous detection/function assignable, Sostenuto pedal: function assignable)
Touch Sensitivity
Key Touch: 100 types, fixed touch
Hammer Response: 10 types
Graphic OLED 128 x 32 dots
Measurements (W x H x D): 137.7cm x 111.3cm x 46.8cm / 54.25" x 43.8" x 18.5"
Weight (Including Piano Stand): 59.5 kg / 131.1 lb

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My wife (who's a beginner) and I (RCM ARCT) finally chose this digital piano for our apartment after trying out over 15 digital pianos from Yamaha, Casio, and Roland. I played an abbreviated version of Beethoven's Moonlight 1st & 3rd mvts, Chopin's Nocturnes 1 & 13, and an adaptation of Detective Conan's main theme to test out each piano. The pianos that we tested included Yamaha's entire CLP range from the 725 to the 785 and including the N1 true hybrid, Casio's AP-270, AP-470, and AP-710, and Roland's entire DP, RP, and HP line. The HP-704 was the piano that we chose in the end and below are my thoughts after 11 months with it along with some comparison with acoustic pianos that I have extensively played on: Yamaha U1 and Steinway K-52.

The Good:
The PHA-50 keys are phenomenal, although slightly on the heavier side. The heavier touch can allow better control of playing but will cause fatigue quicker. I've most noticed this after playing several complex pieces (for about 40 minutes vs. 60-70 minutes on the Steinway acoustic). However, this slight drawback produces in my opinion the most expressive keyboard out of ALL the pianos I've played, including the Yamaha and Steinway acoustics. The HP-704 truly is a joy to play particularly for classical music.
The bass tone is spot on in comparison to the Steinway K-52 that I've played for over 10 years. Sure, the built-in speakers won't do the tone generated by Roland's SuperNatural engine justice, but once a good pair of headphones are plugged in, it almost feels like I'm listening to a Steinway acoustic in a concert hall. The mids around middle-C are also decent and it's only on the upper 2-3 octaves where the tones become slightly shrill and thin. After owning the piano for around a month, I've since adjusted 3-4 keys in the upper octaves to avoid certain resonant frequencies within the cabinet. After the adjustments, the HP-704's tones are consistent across the entire 88-key range and don't seem to have any glaringly loud or shrill keys. This speaks to the wonderfully detailed adjustability of Roland's pianos with their built-in functions. If you'd like further customizations such as ambiance, resonance, hammer noise, and lid open level, Roland's Piano Designer app has you covered. In my personal experience, I found the adjustments don't necessarily change the tone for the better so I left most of the options as default from the factory.
Finally, the elephant in the room is the sheer amount of instrumental, vocal, and nature tones built-into the HP-704. With over 300 tones and the ability to dual or split the tones to your heart's satisfaction, there's really an almost infinite number of different sounds that can be produced from the HP-704. From angelic hums to bass slaps to full orchestral mixes and all the way to nature sounds such as thunder and river noises, Roland has put in as many tones as one could ever wish for in a home piano. Kids and adults will take great joy in playing their favourite pieces in different tones/voices, which I found myself doing on many late nights unknowingly playing a piece 8-10 times over just simply experimenting (and enjoying) the different feeling that various different instruments could produce from the exact same piece of music! As far as I know, no other home piano contains this many different instruments/tones.

The Bad:
If you're a headphone user, you can skip to the next point because the worst part of the HP-704 doesn't affect you (yay!). By far the biggest and most deal-breaking complaint for me about the HP-704 are the muddy speakers. For a $4000 piece of equipment, I really expect something with more punch and attack on those louder notes. The HP-704 does exceptionally well with softer and more flowing music such as Chopin's Nocturnes and most adaptations of modern pop music but falls quite hard when more power is needed from the speakers. Liszt's adaptation of Beethoven's 5th plays like it's on a toy piano regardless of the settings and volume. I can certainly increase the volume to 100 but that simply pushes all the softer notes to a louder state. The attack, power, and presence (think impact in both an auditory and physical sense) is simply not there when those first 4 notes are played. In this regard, there's simply no replacement for an acoustic instrument as the Steinway K-52 effortlessly communicates the mood of Beethoven's 5th from the moment the first 3 notes are played. Very similar results are found with other powerful pieces such as Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata, Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, Scherzos, Mozart's Sonatas, and so on and so forth. Beethoven's Moonlight 3rd surprisingly plays quite well likely due to the sheer number of notes providing the ample build up of power and tension. I found the HP-704 is worst when power and sharpness is needed from a few notes and this is a limitation of the speaker system in the 704 and cannot (as far as I know) be fixed by any software adjustments. The Roland can be a good practice instrument for loud, rhythmic music, but don't count on enjoying it too much from the speakers.

After extensive testing of competitors and 11-months of experiencing the HP-704, I still think it's one of the best digital pianos available in 2023. Below $6k-7k prices, where true hybrid digital pianos start appearing, the HP-704 has one of the best keyboard actions combined with a truly expressive sound engine. The sound will likely require some adjusting to iron out resonance issues unique to each room and individual unit, but the generated tones produces a truly infinite number of different tones depending on the way, combination, and speed with which a certain key is pressed. This is the most significant draw behind Roland's HP-704 and is still unmatched by any other digital piano manufacturer today in 2023.
Posted by Anthony on Apr 26, 2023
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