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Porter & Davies BC Gigster with Saddle Throne

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The Gigster is a silent bass drum monitoring system which allows you to feel, hear and experience your bass drum like you never felt or heard it before. It consists of the finest Tactile Generator available, built into Porter & Davies' own Patented throne top, and uses bone conduction to deliver powerful, precise and nuanced reproduction without sound.

The Gigster is made from the same superior components as the BC2, and although it has slightly fewer features, it has identical power and performance, giving you great connectivity to your drum kit while playing and recording.

While the new Gigster was designed with the working musician in mind, making it lightweight and ultra-compact, it is also the weapon of choice for many top pros who enjoy its extreme portability.

It is literally designed as a 'plug in and play' and is astounding with both acoustic & electronic drums. *Throne base is not included.

Key Features
• The BC Gigster is a two unit system: One custom designed and built throne top (in choice of 3 styles) containing a Tactile Transducer, and the Gigster Engine which contains all of the electronics: Amp, preamp, inputs and outputs, protection circuitry, and volume and tone controls.
• The BC Gigster is an amplified Tactile Generator Monitor System which transmits the full bass drum signal and sound (or any other drum) physically up through the drum stool. This signal is registered mainly through bone conduction, and the result is far more sophisticated than a simple thump. All of the tone and intricacies of the bass drum sound and impact are felt and heard internally.
• If a mixing desk is being used, you can feed in (via the line input rather than the direct mic input) other sounds such as toms, overhead mics (for a full kit picture), and bass guitar.
• Uses the highest quality and most efficient Tactile Transducers available
• Extremely comfortable handmade throne tops, solid and constructed with the finest velvet in classic 'British Racing Green'.
• Silk 'BC Gigster by Porter & Davies' logo.
• Will accommodate 7/8" diameter throne bases as used by Roc n Soc, DW, Gibraltar, Tama, Ludwig, Premier, Yamaha, Custom Percussion, and others (throne base not included).
• Highest build quality and workmanship.
• The drummer has full control over power and intensity immediately to his/her side
• System is 100% consistent, night after night, regardless of acoustics, room size, etc.
• Unparalleled response speed (0% lag) and sensitivity, so will faithfully reproduce all of your playing dynamics: It will respond to long notes (beater off) as well as short notes (beater on), depending on drum dampening, tuning and playing style.
• More compact than the already tiny BC2, but has the same efficient use of power, needing under 150W to drive it.
• Steel "exoskeleton" with tough rubberised bumper end cheeks.
• Fixed voltage 115v unit.
• No phantom power selector. However, a condenser mic (such as a Shure Beta 91) will work perfectly if the output from the Gigster is fed to a desk with phantom power supply (as is the norm).
• Combined single mic/line input socket. The mic input is via an XLR lead, while the line input is via standard 1/4" jack.

Dimensions: 34cm x 16cm x 10cm inc rubber bumpers
Weight: 3.4Kg
Cables supplied as standard: 2M Speakon NL4 throne link cable; Twin Axial, 140 x 0.15mm, OFC.
Power requirement: 115vAC, 200W peak.
Self-selecting combination XLR/JACK input.
Plug in an XLR for: Mic in: 600 ohm electronically balanced P2 hot XLRF
Plug in a JACK for:
Line in: 10K ohm unbalanced tip: hot
Mic out: Hardwired parallel to mic in. XLRM balanced P2 hot
Line out: Hardwired parallel to line in. XLRM unbalanced P2 hot
Input gain:
Mic: 0dB to +60dB
Line: -20dB to +40dB
Max output: 150W RMS / 4ohm 0.05%THD 20hz-18khz +/- 2dB.
Anti-thump and noiseless dynamic load protection circuitry built-in.

BC Gigster by Porter & Davies Throne tops:
Round Throne Top:
40 x 40 x 15cms deep
Weight: 5.7Kg

Saddle Throne Top
40 x 40 x 15cms deep
Weight: 5.7Kg

Extra-wide Throne Top
50 x 40 x 15cms deep
Weight: 5.9Kg

In the Box:
- Gigster Engine
- Throne top (choice of three styles) with integrally mounted Precision Devices transducer
- Speakon NL4 connector cable
- Short female XLR to 1/4" jack converter lead (for connecting a line feed XLR cable to the line input mode of the Gigster 'Engine'.)
*Throne base not included.
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