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Carl Fischer Connections: Chorales and Exercises - Mallet Percussion

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Connections: Chorales and Exercises to Emphasis the Art of Legato Playing for the Middle-Level Band

Chorales and Exercises to Emphasize the Art of Legato Playing for the Middle Level Band One of the biggest deficiencies in todays middle level bands is the ability for them to produce a smooth legato with connections between notes. Too often students clip or place space between notes making the music choppy and directionless. This series of books for all band instruments presents a logical sequence in a variety of keys to improve this important aspect of band performance. Each key has drills that emphasize key understanding and builds on chord progression movement from whole notes to half notes and then quarter notes. Then each sequence is built to a full chorale setting based on the studied chord progressions. This progressive approach to connecting notes will have a lasting impact on the tone, balance, blend and intonation of your ensemble. There are also daily warm ups included to build strength and flexibility in the brass, technical facility in the woodwinds and rudiments in the percussion. Since the book is specifically designed for the middle level band, there has been careful consideration given to instrument range and the keys presented. This is an innovative new approach to warm-ups by two of the most popular composers of band music today.
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