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AEA Microphones N22 NUVO Series Stereo Microphone Kit

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AEA's NUVO Series Stereo Kit enables serious musicians and engineers to rapidly set up and accurately record in stereo on a single stand. The NUVO Stereo Kit can fit two N22s or two N8s and comes with all of the accessories necessary to easily configure the figure-eight microphones in Blumlein and near-coincident.

The NUVO Coupler allows you to easily connect two NUVO microphones top-to-top in Blumlein and Mid-Side configuration so that the two microphones will stay locked in place. The kit also includes two NUVO Windscreens which allow you to bring your NUVOs outdoors, on the road, and even avoid using a pop-screen with your microphones.

The NUVO N22 is a modern near-field and active ribbon mic with a rugged lightweight design, extended top-end clarity, and reduced proximity effect making it perfect for close miking of instruments.

The near-field N22 is a modern ribbon mic that challenges expectations of traditional ribbon technology and can reframe the way you record with ribbons. It delivers clarity and balance in frequency response, even when positioned just inches from the source, and can stand alone in a mix without the need for the blending additional mic signals due to its extended top-end.

The N22 can be positioned inches away from an instrument and retain a balanced sound with extended top end while avoiding the room tone that can cause problems in smaller spaces or iso booths. This is what makes the N22 special.

It exhibits a high-frequency bump at 3kHz making it ideal for recording vocals, electric guitar, bass cabs, kick drum, acoustic guitar, and percussion. It is best to think of the N22s placement in terms of inches instead of feet.
The N22 naturally reduces proximity effect while also avoiding the room tone that can cause problems in smaller spaces or iso booths. Naturally rolling off the low-end before it hits the ribbon creates a much different sound than using electronic equalization to roll off the low-end in post.

What's Included
• Two NUVO N22 Microphones
• Heavy-duty SKB travel case with foam inserts
• SMS stereo bar
• Two NUVO Windscreens
• Posi-Lok Mic Hanger
• NUVO Blumlein coupler
• Mounting hardware

Operating Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Directional Pattern: Bidirectional
Frequency Range: 20 kHz
Maximum SPL: 141 dB SPL (1% third harmonic > 1 kHz)
Sensitivity: 8.3 mV/Pa (at 1 kHz, no load)
Output Impedance: 92 Ω broadband
Recommended Load Impedance: 1.0 kΩ or greater
Phantom Power: P48 phantom power, 7 mA
Polarity: Pin 2 high for positive pressure at the front of the microphone.
Polar Response: Native bidirectional, figure-of-8 pattern
Horizontal: Up to 90 dB rejection at right angles to the front/back axis.
Vertical: Level changes with angle of incidence, but frequency response is consistent.
Transducer Element Material: Pure aluminum corrugated ribbon
Thickness: 1.8 m
Width: 0.185 in (4.7 mm)
Length: 2.35 in (59.7 mm)
• Microphone Dimensions
Height: 8.83 in (22.5 cm)
Width: 1.62 in (4.12 cm)
Depth: 1.62 in (4.12 cm)
Weight: 12 oz (335 g)
Connector: XLR-3M
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