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Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit - Black

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The Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit is designed for home recording hobbyists who are serious about their sound! While designed for rooms under 100 square feet, the London 8 is also a great way to start treating any room. The London 8 comes complete with four 36"x12"x1.5" Control Columns to control primary reflections, and eight 12"x12"x1" Scatter Blocks to reduce flutter echo. There are 12 panels in total, available in your choice of black, grey, beige or paintable fabric.

London room kits include a remarkable combination of acoustic panels and hardware that together solve many of the usual problems associated with studio acoustics. To dissipate high frequency flutter echo and reduce standing waves, Scatter Blocks are positioned at the "receive" end of the room. To control powerful reflections in the critical mid range, Control Columns are positioned on side walls and on the "source" wall.

All panels are made from high density 6lb glass wool and fully encapsulated with micromesh. Edges are resin treated to produce sharp-looking architecturally attractive lines. Panels are then covered with acoustic fabric in a choice of three neutral colours to match most room decors. London kits come completer with Surface Impalers to mount panels flush to walls, and all of the screws and wall anchors you need to do the installation. You even get the required drill bit!

The included panels are Class-1 fire rates for safe installations anywhere. No glue is needed. Installation is clean and easy.

Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit Includes:
4 Control Columns - 36" x 12" x 1.5" (910 x 305mm)
8 Scatter Blocks - 12" x 12" x 1" (305 x 305mm)
16 Surface Impalers
Drywall anchors and screws for easy installation
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