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Headhunters Doobies/Reefers Bundled Rods Combo Pack

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This product is no longer available.
This Combo pack includes one pair each of Headhunters' Doobies and Reefers bundled rods.

Doobies' unique design features 12 birch dowels around a 3/8" split central dowel that works to achieve a bundled rod sound and create a drumstick-like bounce. The dowel is split to about the 40mm mark from the playing end, allowing the centre dowel in the split zone to compress and spring back. In the gripping area the dowels have been glued together; this stiffens the sticks and aids in the bounce response. The resulting design creates the sound expectations of the bundled rod concept but with significantly more rebound and with the feel and response of a solid drumstick.

Reefers have a total of 7 dowels, the outer 6 dowels are birch and the centre rod is synthetic. Rather than band these together near the playing end, each stick has 3 'O'-Rings that can be adjusted to create your own sound spectrums. The synthetic core adds a little more strength to the overall integrity, hence the name 'Reefers'.
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