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Nuvo Recorder+ with Case - Baroque Fingering - White/Green

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The Nuvo Recorder+ is a soprano recorder with features that make it easier and more fun to play than a traditional recorder. The Recorder+ employs patented silicone key covers that make it easier to fully cover the holes, even for smaller fingers, resulting in fewer squeaks. In addition, the larger tone holes produce a more warm and mellow tone compared to traditional recorder design. Put these two features together, and the result is a key system that enables beginners to progress more quickly and gain confidence in their musical journey.

The colour co-ordinated rubber rings can be used as a reward system for students who progress through learning milestones, or simply used to accessorize the instrument. The Recorder+ can even be washed in hot soapy water.

As with all of the offerings from Nuvo, the Recorder+ design enhances learning while preserving the musicality of the instrument.

Baroque/German Systems
Tonally identical, the two systems of fingerings for recorders have a few notable differences. Playing a simple melody with a narrow range in a pitch range such as C major or F major presents no particular issue with a German style recorder, but performing a piece with a wider range or accidentals (sharps and flats) is more difficult. The Baroque recorder offers easier fingerings for accidentals and improved intonation, however the basic scale requires more difficult "forked" fingerings.

• Standard recorder fingering allows use of any recorder method book or media
• Plays 2 octaves
• Fully chromatic in Baroque or German fingering
• Included tone-hole plugs provide new possibilities as the musician progresses
• Adjustable thumb rest
• Removable rings (at the bottom) which can be used as a rewards system
• 100% waterproof
• Comes with a molded plastic case and fingering chart
• Available in 7 fun colour options
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