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Keeley Gold Star Reverb Pedal

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Three Mode Reverb - Compressed, Distorted and Flanged

The Gold Star Reverb's Compression Mode is meant to simulate the crowded main studio at Gold Star during a "Wall of Sound" session. Compression was produced in the old RCA 44 microphones from such high levels of sound. This mode has a "ducking" style compression. You control the Threshold with the Depth control. That is to set what level of playing strength or volume will trigger the compression. The Vinyl control is the compression ratio. That controls how much the reverb is squashed. This is perfect for rhythmic leads or staccato playing where you don't want a wash of reverb to swallow all of the sound, but for the reverb to stick out at the end of the notes. If you reduce the Depth and Vinyl controls you are left with a beautiful large room or chamber style reverb.

The Distorted Mode imparts a thick, throaty distortion on the trails that is bold, jarring, and terribly powerful. The Vinyl control is the distortion wrecking ball. The Depth control adjusts pre-delay time. Try setting it for a distorted slap-back echo!

Flanged Mode gives you two options: Flanger Reverb and Sun-Drenched Vinyl Reverb, which is a random pitch vibrato added to the huge "Wall of Sound." This mode has super-long reverb trails that twist and turn in a Wagnerian cacophony of dense reality-obliterating sound. Turn the Vinyl control to left of center for Flanger mode, or right of center to hear sun-drenched, warped vibrato.

• Requires a supply that is 9 V DC Negative Tip, 65mA or greater. Ibanez, Boss, or Voodoo Lab Pedal Power II supply recommended.
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