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2Box DrumIt 3 Universal Module

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The DrumIt Three module has an open sound architecture and offers 15 independent trigger channels, 4 audio outs and 4 GB sound memory.

The original DrumIt concept was a truly ground breaking and new sensation in electronic drums when introduced. 2Box has taken this technology one step further and presents the DrumIt Three module with Open Sound Architecture and Universal Trigger Interface. Based on the same technology as the DrumIt Five, the newly added Universal Trigger Interface allows the user to connect any kind of pad/trigger to the module. The new DrumIt Three complies with all popular major drum pad manufacturers' pads, including cymbals and hi-hats.

A cost-effective alternative to update your current e-drum kit, you can use the e-drum kit hardware you already have. Connect the module, tune in the trigger settings to your particular pad system and off you go, it's as simple as that.

Open Sound Architecture
Enter the world of DrumIt sounds to enjoy the real playing feel, the expressive dynamics and the superior sound quality. Update your old e-drum kit with modern sounds. Be amazed to suddenly being able to play buzz rolls and crescendo cymbals closer to the real thing than you could imagine possible. But it is! The sound library holds tons of multilayered sounds recorded in top studios and carefully edited. As the sounds consist of many velocity layers, the gradual change between faint and hard hits is faithfully reproduced. The PC Editor for Windows and MAC offers the possibility to create new sounds and loops from Wave files and convert them to 2Box's sound format and download them into the Module via USB.

Memory locations (KITs)
If you like to practice with songs or backing tracks, you can load standard WAV files in CD quality (stereo, 16 Bit/44,1 kHz) into the module via USB and then assign them to a KIT. Alternatively, you can connect a CD or MP3 player to the line-in jack. Of course, you can also use this input for other instruments or a monitor mix (live resp. studio).

The built-in metronome not only helps you with practicing and refining your technique, but can also be used for live performances. You can save one individually programmed metronome per KIT. There is a variety of time signatures and sounds available and the tempo can precisely be adjusted according to your specifications. The metronome can as well be used as a one- or two-bar count in: The Click - automatically stops in the respective mode.

PC / Mac Editor
With the DrumIt Three software editor you can easily manage your module from your computer, and even create your own sounds in DrumIt Three format. Once the DrumIt Three module is connected to your computer (Mac or PC) via USB, you can organize and manage the 100 internal KITs. Assign sounds from the extensive internal DrumIt library and make your personal settings (tuning, volume, pan). You can preview the sounds comfortably on the computer and edit settings with ease. In addition, you can create your own sounds in the specific DrumIt Three format. Create your own multilayered sound files from WAV files, eg. from recordings of your acoustic set or sounds from sample libraries.

e-DrumIt Three sound module provides 4 GB of sound memory space with 100 presets (KITs). In contrast to common practice, where memory slots are divided into factory-KITs and (blank) user-KITs in DrumIt Three all (!) KITs are already preconfigured at the factory and can nervertheless be modified and saved according to your needs. Of course you can rename and rearrange KITs to make access and handling on stage easier.

Play-Along function
If you like to practice with songs or backing tracks, you can load standard WAV files in CD quality (stereo, 16 Bit/44,1 kHz) into the module via USB and then assign them to a KIT. Alternatively, you can connect a CD or MP3 player to the line-in jack. Of course, you can also use this input for other instruments or a monitor mix (live resp. studio).

Boost your acoustic kit and enjoy the best of two worlds
Use the DrumIt Three with the TrigIt triggers to turn your acoustic kit into a hybrid drum set. Mount the acoustic triggers to your existing acoustic drums and maximize your sound with a combination of acoustic and sampled sounds powered by the DrumIt sound module. For muted acoustic sound, use the triggers with silent heads. The Open Sound Architecture allows you to record your acoustic drums, sample them and trigger them from the module.

Play the sounds of famous drummers
The DrumIt Three comes with stock sounds of Randy Black, Marco Minneman and Simon Phillips. If that is not enough for you there are plenty more sounds to be downloaded from the 2box website.

Use other sound sources - Your sound possibilities are endless
Third party software allows you to convert sounds from famous drum sound libraries and play those sounds in your DrumIt Three sound module instead of triggering sounds via MIDI to a PC. By playing the sounds from the module you will not experience any latency and time consuming compatibility issues. As the sounds are moved into the module, the playing feel is superior with ultra low latency and a great dynamic range.

Be in control [NEW]
The Universal Trigger Interface of the DrumIt Three allows the user to control functions for a trigger. For example, start and stop loops and/or Metronome by hitting a pad or change Kit up and down by hitting 2 pads.

Main Features

• 44,1 kHz Sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters
• 4 GB sound memory
• 15 universal trigger inputs configured as kick, snare with rim, 4 toms with rim, 1 Hi-hat and 3 cymbals
• 3-zone snare and cymbals are supported
• 4 Outputs
• Line In
• MIDI In/Out
• USB for transferring data
• Professional sounds made by famous drummers
• Sounds are multilayered (up to 128 layers) for unparalleled sound quality and playing feel
• Trigger and play along to loops - freely assignable to any trigger input
• Play along to WAV song files or metronome or connect your media player to the Line In socket
• Comes with the Kit- and Sound-Editor (Windows and Mac) to create own Kits and to download own sounds and loops
• Trigger inputs accept the majority of triggers based on Piezo- and switch technology*
vAdvanced control features enable triggering functions such as start/stop loops or metronome
• Switching Kits up and down are freely assignable to any of the 15 trigger inputs
• Multi plug AC power supply 100-240V

Technical Data

10 x Trigger Input (6.3mm stereo jack)
4 x Control-Input for Hihat and Cymbals (6.3mm stereo jack)
1 x Line In, stereo (6.3 mm stereo jack)
4 x line out, mono (6.3 mm mono jack)
1 x headphone jack (6.3 mm stereo jack)
1 x USB 1.1 (Full Speed)
1 x power supply (12 V DC, external power supply)

Display / Memory Type:
LCD (20 x 4 characters)
4 GB Flash memory

11 x pushbutton
1 x rotary push controller (endless)
1 x rotary controller

Amount of manageable Data:
The operating system can manage up to 8,000 dsnd files, 1,000 folders and 800 Wav files.

Great Module...Steep Learning Curve6 of 6 customers found this review helpful

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I've taken a long time to use the module before sharing this review. I have had this module for almost a year at the time of writing. The quick version of my review? There's no other module out there that is quite like this. It has near limitless potential, however be prepared for a VERY steep learning curve in order to achieve those heights. Some technical know-how is almost a "must have" (both hardware and software). It will go a long way to getting the most out of this module. The sounds that come with the module are "ok", but this might be a matter of personal taste. Chances are you will want to use your own sounds. The great thing is that there is knowledge and tools out there to help you do that. The downside is (once again) the learning curve.
Posted by Reese Simpson on Jun 17, 2019
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