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Ludmila Dubceac - coordinator of the music lessons in Saskatoon South

Ludmila Dubceac

Our Teachers:

Allan McPherson - Online Lessons Available - Voice, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds music lessons in Saskatoon South

Allan McPherson - Online Lessons Available (Voice, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds)

Allan has studied music at the Mount Allison University located in Sackville, New Brunswick, and has studied music education at the University of Victoria. Allan has studied with Jean-Guy Boisvert of the Université de Moncton, David Bourque, former bass clarinetist with the Toronto Symphony, Keith MacLeod, principal clarinetist with the Victoria Symphony, and Patricia Kostek of the University of Victoria. In addition, Allan plays flute at a RCM grade 7 level and can provide beginner to early intermediate instruction on saxophone. Allan was a band teacher and substitute teacher in BC and Alberta for three years. While studying in Victoria, Allan took voice lessons with Judith Dowling and Signi Murgatroyd, singing baritone before transitioning to countertenor.
In 2012 he was a participant in the Summer Vocal Academy at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in Victoria, BC. In 2015 Allan was the alto soloist for a production of Messiah, and in 2016 he was a soloist in a staged production of Handel's Esther, both in Grande Prairie, AB
Rate: $25 per half hour

Andrew Booth - Online Lessons Available - Guitar music lessons in Saskatoon South

Andrew Booth - Online Lessons Available (Guitar)

Andrew is a multi-genre guitarist, performer and composer. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has studied the highly disciplined technique and repertoire of the classical guitar, performing recitals with some of the most advanced works composed for the instrument. Outside of music academia he has been active composing, recording and performing original music for the last ten years within the metal genre. In October of 2018, his music took him to Bethesda, Maryland to record original music with Taylor Larson, one of the most notable producers in the genre (known for working with bands/artists such as: Periphery, Asking Alexandria, Veil of Maya, From First To Last, Darkest Hours, Jason Richardson and many more). In addition to this Andrew has been employed as a live session guitarist for Saskatchewan country artist Shantaia Poulin. Performing with Shantaia has led him to stages all over the western Canada country music festival circuit including Country Thunder (Craven), Dauphin Country Fest, Country at the Creek, Wolf Country Fest and more. Andrew has performed alongside Shantaia at a number of label showcases. From classical recitals to original metal performances and country festival stages, there are few styles Andrew hasn’t performed and even fewer he can’t quickly pick up. Andrew’s teaching style combines the best of classical discipline with the traditions of the rock/pop guitar education experience. He believes students of all styles should have the tools to learn to be a true artist and have the power to fully express their musical creativity. Andrew’s methods combine equal parts technique, theory and repertoire all catered to the specific goals and musical interests of each student.
Andrew teaches guitar lessons at our Saskatoon South location.
His rate is $25 per half hour.

Jaye Luk - Percussion, Drums music lessons in Saskatoon South

Jaye Luk (Percussion, Drums)

Jaye started learning how to play percussion at the young age of 8 and has continued ever since. He is very experienced in concert snares, timpani and 4 mallet marimba playing and many more percussion techniques. He has been involved with the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, U of S Wind Orchestra, U of S percussion ensemble, and Saskatoon Brass band etc. Jaye is also the recipient of Saskatoon Music Festival’s Percussion Kinsmen Scholarship in 2010. He is currently an active member and instructor for Sambatoon, a Saskatoon Afro-Brazillian drum group. Jaye started focusing more of his attention to drum set at 15, when he was first asked to join a High School rock band. During the next nine years, Jaye took lessons with professional drummers and has continually perform with various groups, including Jazz quartet Fashionably Late, U of S’s Jazz ensemble and his own touring progressive metal band, A Ghost in Drag. Jaye is a diverse musician with knowledge of Classical, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock and Metal. He has plenty of experience in performing solo and in small and large group settings. He is really excited to teach anyone who is willing to take on the vast knowledge of playing percussion.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Justin Vilchez - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin music lessons in Saskatoon South

Justin Vilchez (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin)

Justin has been playing guitar for 17 years. Completing a Bachelor of Applied Music specializing in jazz and contemporary forms, he is passionate and experienced in a variety of genres from Bluegrass to Heavy rock with strong musical theory knowledge to back it up. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Justin has played and toured with multiple bands around Australia developing a highly adaptable repertoire and first hand experience on the role music plays in today's society. Through years of teaching experience, he has a strong knowledge on how students learn best and what techniques and attitude to uphold to ensure the most growth whilst maintaining a friendly and fun approach to practical and theory based learning.
Rate: $24 per half hour

Katie Klymyshyn - Violin music lessons in Saskatoon South

Katie Klymyshyn (Violin)

Katie started taking violin lessons when she was 6 years old and continued all the way until the end of high school. She started her musical journey in the Saskatoon Suzuki Strings Program and later pursued the Royal Conservatory grade levels. After winning the gold medal for her grade 6 RCM violin exam, she went on to complete the grade 8 RCM violin exam. She was a member of the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, as well as the string ensemble at Walter Murray Collegiate. She particularly enjoyed the few times she was able to play in the Saskatoon Symphony. She has performed countless times as a soloist, in duets, in orchestras, and in quartets, and has performed in various settings including concerts, weddings, and in musicals. In grade 11, she started volunteering at the Suzuki Summer Strings Experience which she loved attending as a little kid. At the camp she was a teaching aid, coaching students to play in string quartets. Her love of music and the violin has grown over the years into a passion, which she hopes to share with all her students.
Rate: $24 per half hour

Noel Wilcox - Guitar music lessons in Saskatoon South

Noel Wilcox (Guitar)

Noel has been playing guitar for more than twenty years. He has studied music at Selkirk College in Nelson BC and at the University of Saskatchewan as well. No matter if the student is a beginner, intermediate or advanced Noel can help any student gain familiarity and confidence with the instrument. Lessons can be centered around learning fundamentals, learning songs, practicing technique, studying theory or just learning to strum a few chords. Noel instructs students in an encouraging way, allowing each student to have a voice in what they study together. He strives to give students the tools necessary to teach themselves and emphasizes that music makes life better. Noel offers guitar lessons at our Saskatoon South location.
Rate: $24 per half hour

Paul Zhao - Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Paul Zhao (Piano)

Paul has recently obtained his Bachelors of Music with Great Distinction at the University of Saskatchewan, studying piano under the guidance of Professor Kathleen Solose (Julliard’s, Moscow Conservatory) after the tradition of 20th century American and Russian linage of pianists. As a youngster, Paul went through vigorous ear training through the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. After coming to Canada, Paul has completed advanced Music History and Music Harmony from the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music with honors and is the recipient of several awards through the U of S Music Department and the Saskatoon Music Festival. Paul has performance experience as a soloist, in chamber ensembles, in jazz ensembles, and in choirs. On top of his classically trained roots, Paul also has a rich musical background in a wide variety of other musical styles and instruments: Paul was an electrical guitarist in several contemporary groups. Paul is interested in devoted, hardworking students who have a strong passion towards classical piano performance. Paul is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Riane Lapaire - Online Lessons Available - Voice, Piano, Violin music lessons in Saskatoon South

Riane Lapaire - Online Lessons Available (Voice, Piano, Violin)

Riane started taking music lessons when she was 9 years old and continued her studies into adult-hood. She has completed her Grade X RCM and advanced theory. In her youth, Riane regularly participated in music festivals around Saskatchewan, but now focuses her performance efforts around campfires and in senior’s homes. Today, Riane fosters the love of music in the students she teaches by implementing a student-first approach, supplementing traditional methods with the students’ current interests to help entice students to dive deeper into what they are learning. Riane has experience working with individuals who are blind and visually impaired. She is finishing her certification in the Unified English Braille (UEB) code and next plans to learn the music braille code.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Sylvia Phung - Online Lessons Available - Piano, Theory music lessons in Saskatoon South

Sylvia Phung - Online Lessons Available (Piano, Theory)

Sylvia has her Grade 10 piano with first class honours from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Sylvia also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology both awarded by the University of Saskatchewan with great distinction. She has also been the recipient of the RCM Silver Medal for achieving the highest mark in the province on her Grade 9 piano exam. Sylvia has performed at numerous events such as church functions, school gatherings, recitals, and music festivals.
Sylvia is a classically trained pianist and is very passionate about classical music. She is interested in diligent, committed students that are as enthusiastic about classical piano as much as she is. Students studying with Sylvia can expect strong encouragement to strive for continuous improvement. Her students have achieved excellent results in music festivals and on their RCM piano examinations including being awarded the RCM gold medal for the highest mark in the province.
Sylvia enjoys teaching piano and theory (including Advanced Rudiments, Advanced Harmony, Analysis, and Music History) to students of all ages and skill levels.
Rate: $26 per half hour

Thom Heard - Guitar, Voice, Ukulele, Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Thom Heard (Guitar, Voice, Ukulele, Piano)

Thom has been making Music on two continents over three decades. Educated in the South of England, Thom holds numerous post-secondary qualifications in the Arts, a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and was recently accepted into Mensa Canada. Thom has volunteered extensively for the Arts; supporting the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, the Regina Folk Festival and Ness Creek Music Festival to name but a few. Thom sat for two years on the board of Ness Creek and provided Music Lessons in conjunction with Creative Kids at T. D. Michel School in Big River. Thom's approach to all his lessons is student-centred but balanced with oversight and guidance; his students work on the areas that interest them in addition to what will best help them reach their long term goals.

Voice: The Voice is everyone's first instrument but establishing a solid foundation and developing a Voice is challenging, so students will need to engage with exercises regularly. Thom loves helping students find their own Voice and lessons are always fun and engaging.
Guitar: Thom has been playing Guitar for over 25 years and loves introducing new students to the instrument and watching their skills develop. Exploring genres, techniques, as well as essential music theory and core skills make Guitar a great choice for any student.
Ukulele: Thom loves teaching Ukulele to kids and adults alike. In addition to learning fun and familiar songs or even writing their own, lessons include musical core skills that students can learn and build upon.
Piano: Thom has built much of his understanding of Music from his work with the Piano. Recently Thom completed RCM's Teaching Elementary Piano course and is now helping a growing number of Piano students enjoy their discovery of the instrument.
Thom offers Guitar, Voice, Ukulele, and Piano lessons at our Saskatoon South location.
Rate: $25 per half hour