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Our Teachers:

Becky Thomas - Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Saskatoon

Becky Thomas (Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele)

Becky teaches a wide range of styles and ages. She is an award winning recording arts, music educator and songwriter. She makes learning fun and loves to share her enthusiasm and love for music with her students.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Brandon Sikorsky - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Saskatoon

Brandon Sikorsky (Guitar, Bass)

Brandon is a professional performing and recording artist who is actively involved in Saskatchewan's music community. He has been teaching for over 6 years and enjoys many genres of music from pop to metal.
He began studying and actively pursuing his musical ambition at a young age which has led him to several career achievements, such as writing an original song that aired nationally on “Much Loud”. He hopes to hand down his life-long passion for music to students of all ages. Whether you are looking to learn your favourite tunes from humble beginnings or expand your current musical knowledge, Brandon aims to encourage and inspire you to pursue your musical goals.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Brooklyn Morrison - Voice music lessons in Saskatoon

Brooklyn Morrison (Voice)

Brooklyn is going into her second year of voice and sociology at the U of S, and has been singing for sixteen years. Some of her highlights include being a six-time recipient of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s provincial gold medal in voice, winning many awards and scholarships at the Saskatoon Music Festival, as well as being a soloist with the Fireside Singers. In her spare time, Brooklyn plays the piano and ukulele, and is learning the guitar. She loves to teach, and is comfortable with just about any genre, ranging from classical (RCM) to musical theatre, pop, and country; at any age and level.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Carmela Brockman - Piano, Theory music lessons in Saskatoon

Carmela Brockman (Piano, Theory)

Carmela welcomes students of all ages. She has been classically trained through the Royal Conservatory of music. She is an affiliate member of the Saskatoon Registered Music Teachers Association and has participated in the Heart of the City program in Saskatoon. Carmela has been active in music her entire life, participating in choirs (including the St. Peter's Choir) and playing and singing at many different events and competitions. She currently plays and sings for weddings at St. Paul's Cathedral, as well as plays guitar, bass and accordion in local rock bands. She is currently working to complete her Bachelor Of Education through the U of S. Carmela believes that music has the power to improve self-esteem, develop pride in one's accomplishments, help develop patience, and provide a creative outlet for expression.
Rate: $24 per half hour

Cory Palmer - Drums music lessons in Saskatoon

Cory Palmer (Drums)

Cory has over 20 years of experience in drumming performance. He has played in country, punk, metal, rock and R&B bands and is also an experienced competitive drummer. He is an expert in drum theory, and teaches any style of drumming from Rock to Marching Band. He puts a good focus into music theory, but at the same encourages students to strive for creativity and passion in play.
Rate: $23 per half hour

George Schumacher - Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele music lessons in Saskatoon

George Schumacher (Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele)

With well over 30 years of playing experience George has become one of the most versatile guitarists around. A graduate of Grant MacEwan in Edmonton, he covers all styles from rock, to jazz, to classical, to deathcore and everything in between. “From Chet Atkins, to Eddie Van Halen.” George has been teaching privately for over twenty years and loves to share his knowledge of these wonderful instruments.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Jana Janovsky - Violin, Fiddle music lessons in Saskatoon

Jana Janovsky (Violin, Fiddle)

Jana has well over 30 years of performing experience spanning throughout Europe and Canada. She has been playing violin for over 18 years performing classical to popular music. Her studies have been split from the Czech Republic to studying with Michael Swan in Canada. Currently, she is a member of the Saskatoon Philharmonic Orchestra and also plays for many functions in Saskatoon. Aside from her experience as a violinist, she has a great range performing as a singer and bassist in the band Hipcheck that works all over Saskatchewan. She is able to enhance anyone’s musical experience by teaching systematically through conventional methods (RCM) and also by ear. Jana is able to emote her great sensitivity and joy of music.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Jared Paranica - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele music lessons in Saskatoon

Jared Paranica (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)

Jared has taught people of all ages and levels from beginner to advanced. He has experience teaching several genres of music such as rock, pop and even country. His goal as a teacher is to provide a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere for learning and an overall enjoyable experience for his students.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Justin Vilchez - Guitar music lessons in Saskatoon

Justin Vilchez (Guitar)

Justin has been playing guitar for 17 years. Completing a Bachelor of Applied Music specializing in jazz and contemporary forms, he is passionate and experienced in a variety of genres from Bluegrass to Heavy rock with strong musical theory knowledge to back it up. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Justin has played and toured with multiple bands around Australia developing a highly adaptable repertoire and first hand experience on the role music plays in today's society. Through years of teaching experience, he has a strong knowledge on how students learn best and what techniques and attitude to uphold to ensure the most growth whilst maintaining a friendly and fun approach to practical and theory based learning.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Keith McConnell - Pedal Steel Guitar music lessons in Saskatoon

Keith McConnell (Pedal Steel Guitar)

Keith has been playing Pedal Steel Guitar for 30 years; he studied pedal steel at Jeffran College in Nashville, Tenn. and also in Phoenix, Arizona where he attended a Masters class at Jeffran Collage. He has attended Scotty’s Steel Guitar Convention in ST Louis. Mo. where there were over 70 professional steel players performing and sharing ideas. Keith has attended many seminars of players with different playing styles such as Joe Wright, Jeff Newman, Doug Jernigan, Buddy Emmons, Harold Leach, and Jeff Bradshaw. He has performed many hours on the bandstand backing up singers and playing classic country music, and has been teaching private lessons in Sask. and Alberta for the last few years. Pedal Steel guitar is a unique and beautiful sounding instrument and will bring lifelong pleasure to anyone who plays it. Keith loves to share what he knows with others so he can keep this instrument and style of playing alive and well. For entry-level players, the focus will be on basic techniques to get them started with good playing habits. They will also be playing some real licks and actual music right from the start so their experience with the pedal steel is interesting and fun. Intermediate players will learn how to improvise and play in different keys and styles, so they can sit in with anyone and be able to play with any song without having it memorized. At this point you will start to hear your own style develop.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Ludmila Dubceac - Voice, Violin, Piano music lessons in Saskatoon

Ludmila Dubceac (Voice, Violin, Piano)

Ludmila has a very impressive academic background including a degree from the Academy of Music and Arts (Chişinău, Moldova) and one from the College of Music "Ștefan Neaga" (Chişinău, Moldova). She has also studied violin for 7 years under the direction of Timotei Bătrânu and performed with the local orchestra. She has taught various voice students and choirs that went on to win awards in music festivals around Europe. She is well versed in all styles of music.
Rate: $23 per half hour

Miron Strutinski - Cello, Double Bass music lessons in Saskatoon

Miron Strutinski (Cello, Double Bass)

Miron has been Principal Cellist for two major orchestras over a 26 year period. In that time, he has performed in over 1500 concerts throughout Europe, the Middle East and on international broadcast. He is very well versed in all styles of cello; Baroque (including oratorio, opera, and operetta), Classical, Romantic, Modern orchestral, and folk. He was a member of the "KT'55" String Quartet that performed over 180 times during the war in Bosnia. Miron has a very impressive 14-year background in formal academics including a degree from the Academy of Music at the University of Sarajevo. He is qualified to perform, teach, and even repair string instruments.
Rate: $24 per half hour

Nan Zhang - Piano music lessons in Saskatoon

Nan Zhang (Piano)

Nan began studying music at the age of 4, always keeping a strong passion for learning music. She has her Grade 9 RCM in piano, as well as Grade 8 RCM in Music Theory. She is currently studying music education at the University of Saskatchewan majoring in piano. She loves to help students build a strong foundation on proper technique and encourages students to keep their interest and passion at the same time. In her spare time, she likes to play other instruments such as flute and drums. She loves to share her knowledge and skills with her students to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience for them.
Rate: $23.00 per half hour lesson.

Nicole Tremblay - Piano, Trumpet, French Horn music lessons in Saskatoon

Nicole Tremblay (Piano, Trumpet, French Horn)

Nicole Tremblay has her ARCT in Piano Performance with the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Education at the University of Saskatchewan and has won numerous scholarships at the Saskatoon Music Festival. Nicole's passion for music manifests not only in playing piano but in playing in ensembles on French horn and voice including the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, Greystone Singers, University Chorus, and the U of S Wind Orchestra, where she has enjoyed collaborating with other musicians. She has also enjoyed accompanying local church and High School choirs.  With her extensive theory background of rudiments, harmony, and history, she is available for giving instruction in all areas. She also demonstrates a passion for working with children through working at various camps including Blackstrap Youth Camp, programs with the City of Saskatoon including the Playground Program and teaching Pre-school classes at Lawson Civic Centre.
Rate: $24 per half hour lesson.

Rick Van Dusen - Drums, Percussion, Bells music lessons in Saskatoon

Rick Van Dusen (Drums, Percussion, Bells)

Rick holds a BA in Music Education from the UofS and has had over three years of music performance at UNLV, performing the Creston Concerto for Marimba in the UNLV, touring North America in the Shrine Circus. He has studied with David Garibaldi (Tower of Power). Rick has appeared with other performers such as: Bill Cosby, Roy Clark, Eddy Arnold, Dionne Warwick, Tina Turner, Freddy Hubbard, Don Menza, Joe Williams, Wayne Newton, Tommy Banks, Pat Labarbra, Buddy Hackett, Abbey Lane, The University of Nevada Las Vegas 1:00 Jazz Band, The Saskatoon Symphony and The Las Vegas Symphony. Recently, he has been taking lessons from world class drummer Dom Famularo to brush-up further, and has filmed an instructional DVD called “Drumming Quadra-Pedal”. Also, he has taught in both the Catholic and Public School systems in Saskatoon as a band teacher for many years.
Rate: $24 per half hour

Rory Lynch - Saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, guitar music lessons in Saskatoon

Rory Lynch (Saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, guitar)

Rory Lynch is a freelance musician, bandleader, composer, and music instructor currently finishing his musical studies at the University of Saskatchewan where he is focusing on jazz and improvisation.  Rory maintains an active performing schedule with a number of musical projects, which include the University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble, playing doundoun in a traditional West African drum ensemble, and leading his own quartet.  He is an enthusiastic teacher who believes in helping students to develop their unique musical skills while maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  
Rate: $23.00 per half hour lesson.

Terri-Lynn Mitchell - Piano, Voice music lessons in Saskatoon

Terri-Lynn Mitchell (Piano, Voice)

After ten years of study and professional work in Ontario, soprano Terri-Lynn Mitchell is excited to teach at Long and McQuade, Saskatoon. She holds a Masters of Music in Voice Performance from the University of Ottawa, as well as an Artist Diploma in Voice Performance and a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Voice Performance from the University of Western Ontario. Terri-Lynn also has an ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Offering lessons in voice, piano, music theory and music history, Terri-Lynn provides a wide range of comprehensive music instruction for students of all ages.
Rate: $25 per half hour