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Brampton, Ontario, L6V 1M2
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This Location Offers:

Private Lessons

Private lessons are individual, weekly sessions with professional adult teacher-musicians. Monthly tuition payments reserve a weekly lesson time, allowing teachers to prepare an ongoing curriculum. Students are expected to practice daily at home to maintain consistent progress. Drop by our Lessons Desk to sign up!

Group Lessons

At 12 Vodden Street East, our NEW location (Spring 2018) features a large room for workshops, clinics and classes. Group sessions run seasonally based on enrolment. Weekly sessions include small group instruction, with performance opportunities. Registered students must commit to the full duration of weekly class attendance and participation. Drop by our Lessons Desk to sign up! *NEW CLASSES STARTING SEPTEMBER 2019!*

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Our Teachers:

Adam Koopmans - Guitar, Voice, Ukulele music lessons in Brampton

Adam Koopmans (Guitar, Voice, Ukulele)

Adam is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and continually strives to increase his music education. Adam has taken part in many workshops including Somatic Voicework™, Melissa Cross (Zen of Screaming), and currently studying Masters of Music Education at Western University. Adam teaches strong fundamentals, healthy technique, and building confidence through repeated positive musical experiences. Student participation in group classes is expected, as well as performing at bi-monthly Jam Nights. Adam specializes in authentically teaching Contemporary Commercial Music, and "non-classical" styles such as rock, pop, jazz, acoustic and contemporary musical theatre. Vocal students are taught functionally for technique and health, but learn to "sound like themselves," finding and expressing their individuality through singing, playing, songwriting, and recording. Adam proudly convinces the “I’m not a singer” student to sing, and plans to make you sing if you haven’t already! His rate is $27 per half-hour lesson. Visit

Adriana Green - Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Violin music lessons in Brampton

Adriana Green (Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Violin)

Adriana graduated from the National Conservatory in Argentina and has a Specialization from the Academia Chiggiana in Italy. Adriana has performed in symphony orchestras and takes pride in a strong work ethic. RCM exam preparation is encouraged. Adriana also teaches Piano, and Violin. Her rate is $27 per half hour lesson.

Alicia Maynard - Piano music lessons in Brampton

Alicia Maynard (Piano)

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from York University. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and maintains her disciplined instruction curriculum in the classroom. Alicia sings in a Gospel choir, and is working towards grade 10 RCM piano practical, including co-requisite theory, history, and harmony. Her rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Amanda Turner - Piano, Theory music lessons in Brampton

Amanda Turner (Piano, Theory)

Amanda specializes in young beginners. She enjoys preparing students for RCM exams or casual enjoyment. She teaches theory, has RCM 10 piano and is studying Piano Pedagogy. Amanda teaches reading comprehension, ear skills and improvisation from the very first lesson. Her rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Angel Selvarajah - Piano music lessons in Brampton

Angel Selvarajah (Piano)

Angel has completed Grade 10 RCM Piano practical and Advanced Theory rudiments. She was involved in the Music Department both as an instrumentalist and Piano Accompanist. She volunteers at her Church helping younger children, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at York University. Her rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Anthony Daniel Szczachor - Drum Set music lessons in Brampton

Anthony Daniel Szczachor (Drum Set)

Anthony holds a degree from Humber College music program. He toured Canada, the US, South America & Europe with various groups. He is known for his diverse abilities as a musician. His teaching style emphasizes a balanced approach, implementing core elements of rudiments and reading, allowing students to play all kinds of music. ( Rock, Jazz, R&B, Latin) His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Anthony James - Drum Set music lessons in Brampton

Anthony James (Drum Set)

Anthony gives students confidence to be creative while playing. His lessons are well structured to achieve success and show progress. He has toured across the country with many different bands and is an active musician working with many artists of varying genres. He has received the Brampton Arts Council Acclaim Award. Anthony is currently playing with several Juno & Coventry Award-winning Artists. His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Chris Stephens - Saxophones, Flute music lessons in Brampton

Chris Stephens (Saxophones, Flute)

Chris received his Bachelor of Music from McMaster University. And Jazz diploma from Mohawk College. He is a versatile musician, having played both classical and jazz recitals. Chris played in an R&B/Soul band that specializes in the music of Tower of Power. And continues to play with the Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra. Chris prepares students for RCM practical and theory exams beginner through advanced levels. His rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Corinne Lynch - Voice music lessons in Brampton

Corinne Lynch (Voice)

Corinne holds an ARCT in vocal performance, Grade 8 in RCM piano, and is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s opera program. She has extensive knowledge of vocal repertoire and performance styles, with many years experience both as a soloist and portraying various roles on Stage. Corinne enjoys helping students discover their own unique voice while focusing on technique and interpretation. Corinne has helped prepare students for exams and auditions. Her rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Emily Martin - Voice music lessons in Brampton

Emily Martin (Voice)

Emily received a Bachelor of Music degree from The University of Western Ontario. She is passionate about choral music and has been involved in community choirs for over 15 years, including Brampton Festival Singers. Emily is qualified to prepare students for all levels of RCM voice exams, practical and theory. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and students who wish to accompany themselves. Emily encourages all her students to learn basic piano. Lessons will focus on finding and developing your voice, vocal technique, basic theory, and piano accompaniment. Her rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Frank Dodman - Saxophones, Clarinet music lessons in Brampton

Frank Dodman (Saxophones, Clarinet)

Frank received an honours Jazz Studies diploma from Humber College. With over 12 years of private teaching experience, Frank consistently helps students with their Regional Arts auditions. Frank volunteers each Spring with MusicFest Canada and speaks French and English fluently. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Ivan Chu - Cello music lessons in Brampton

Ivan Chu (Cello)

Ivan holds both Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cello performance and Education degrees from York University. Ivan has been a clinician at many summer music camps and schools. He currently performs with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra. Suzuki trained, Ivan works with all ages, introducing new ideas to his students while helping develop good practice habits. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Jon Grant - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Brampton

Jon Grant (Guitar, Ukulele)

Jon has University Music Studies in Performance and Ethnomusicology. Private studies include 'Guitar Craft' with Robert Fripp (King Crimson). As a teacher he finds a balance between creativity and technique a main focus. Having fun and being relaxed, while still getting “the lesson learned” is another. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Larry Crowe - Drum Set, Hand drums music lessons in Brampton

Larry Crowe (Drum Set, Hand drums)

Larry Crowe is a drummer, percussionist, composer and educator with over 40 years of experience. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music performance and composition from York University. Larry has performed in Canada, the United States, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and throughout Asia. He has performed and recorded in many musical settings with Grammy-nominated Ron Korb (World/New Age), and Juno Award winner Robert Michaels (Latin/Jazz). Larry is the author of two drum set method books, Masterful Drumming Volume One and Two. His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Leanna Uccello - Violin music lessons in Brampton

Leanna Uccello (Violin)

Leanna holds both Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Performance and Education degrees from York University.
She has performed with the Brampton Symphony Orchestra, Ontario Pops Orchestra, Cathedral Bluffs Orchestra, and York Symphony. She works with all ages and creates fun and exciting ways to motivate students to enjoy practicing. Leanna can prepare students for RCM examinations, beginner through advanced. Leanna works with small groups in a string ensemble and masterclass settings. Her rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Loren Vidri - Violin, Piano music lessons in Brampton

Loren Vidri (Violin, Piano)

Loren has completed level 10 RCM practical exams in both Piano and Violin. Loren plays Classical Violin in the Rose Orchestra and performs regularly in several small ensembles ranging from Celtic to Jazz idioms. Loren has a friendly teaching approach that makes students feel comfortable. She can prepare students for RCM exams, beginner through advanced. Her rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Maciej Dorna - Piano music lessons in Brampton

Maciej Dorna (Piano)

Maciej studied at the Chopin University in Warsaw, Poland and the Glenn Gould School in Toronto. An International Piano Competition Winner in Italy and France, Maciej has performed with Orchestras in Europe, Japan & China. Maciej can prepare students for auditions, competitions and exams from beginner to advanced RCM levels. Maciej's passion for teaching creates an environment aimed at student success. His rate is $28 per half hour lesson.

Marla Wighton - Piano music lessons in Brampton

Marla Wighton (Piano)

Marla has been teaching piano since 2008, developing strategies for helping her students succeed. Marla encourages student self-expression, prepares students for group playing, RCM exams and auditions. Marla constantly challenges herself to learn new instruments and folk styles that include swing-band singing, guitar, tenor banjo and bodran. Marla continues ARCT studies in Piano Pedagogy and Piano Performance. Her rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Michael Ruggiero - Guitar music lessons in Brampton

Michael Ruggiero (Guitar)

Michael holds a Bachelor of Music in Education, and a Masters of Music in Performance from the University of Toronto. Michael began playing drums and guitar at the age of twelve, mostly influenced by heavy metal music. After two years, he began studying guitar with a private teacher and became involved in the arts program in high school, where he learned music theory and performance. Throughout that time, Michael played in various bands as a rock guitarist, and developed an interest in both teaching music and playing the classical guitar. Michael tries to teach students to think analytically and creatively, using their mind and their heart. Challenging them in a way that will make them grow. His rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Mike Attard - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Brampton

Mike Attard (Guitar, Bass)

Mike graduated with honours from the Humber College Jazz Studies program. Mike has performed in musical theatre shows, played in Jazz, Rock, Top 40, and Tribute bands in venues across Canada and the US. He has been teaching for over 15 years in individual and group settings. Mike instructs Jam Bands and prepares students for Jam Nights at Spot 1 Grill & Music Hall. His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Mike Gauthier - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Brampton

Mike Gauthier (Guitar, Ukulele)

Mike studied music at York University. As a parent of four young adults, he understands the importance of developing the holistic gift of music. Mike enjoys sharing spiritual repertoire, leading church groups, and performing regular coffee houses with the Brampton Folk Club. His strength is teaching music notation, songwriting, and accompaniment styles that develop finger picking for Folk-Rock. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Mike Nease - Trumpet music lessons in Brampton

Mike Nease (Trumpet)

Mike is an active freelance performer. He has been a clinician and teacher at the Humber College Community school for 22 years. Mike teaches students both traditional and contemporary theory as well as mechanics. He has successfully prepared students for exams and auditions, assessing and instilling appropriate methodology and practice regimes. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Nick Lee - Guitar music lessons in Brampton

Nick Lee (Guitar)

Nick provides a comfortable learning environment for beginners & experienced players alike. Lessons are tailored to the student & incorporate fundamentals of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk & more. Nick frequently prepares students for monthly Jam Night performances. Nick is expanding his personal exploration of jazz/swing improvisation. Nick gigs with Hot Swing Club of Brampton. His rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Raquel Skilich - Voice, Piano music lessons in Brampton

Raquel Skilich (Voice, Piano)

Raquel has taught privately for 4 years and currently attends the University of Toronto Bachelor of Music Jazz studies program. Raquel has RCM advanced level achievements in both vocal and piano studies. Students of all ages can benefit from her structured approach and individual lesson plans. Raquel uses modern approaches to teaching music. Raquel enjoys songwriting for guitar as well as teaching piano and voice. Her rate is $24 per half hour lesson.

Ryan Cassar - Guitar music lessons in Brampton

Ryan Cassar (Guitar)

Ryan received two Bachelors degrees from York University: Fine Arts; and Education. His knowledge of both music and education allow him to adapt many different learning styles. Ryan’s positive attitude toward learning inspires student growth and leadership. Ryan believes music is a language that anyone can learn. And music’s purpose, passion and power are what he tries to convey. As a guitar player, Ryan has focused on Blues/R&B, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Country and Fusion. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Sierra Cumming - Voice, Piano music lessons in Brampton

Sierra Cumming (Voice, Piano)

Sierra is a graduate of Humber College’s vocal performance program and has been teaching voice, piano, and theory at Long and McQuade since 2014. She has a track record of successful teaching with students of all levels and ages. Sierra teaches with a focus on technique from a contemporary point of view. Although she has completed high levels of RCM voice, piano, and theory, she has found genres such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, and R&B requires specific technique often found outside of “Classical” teaching. Many of Sierra’s previous students have been accepted to prestigious post-secondary music programs, appeared on CTV’s “The Launch”, performed live solo sets, and have even become teachers at Long and McQuade! Her rate is $26 per half-hour lesson.

Stefan Hegerat - Drum Set, Percussion music lessons in Brampton

Stefan Hegerat (Drum Set, Percussion)

Originally from Alberta, Stefan began playing drums at the age of twelve. He studied orchestral and mallet percussion at the University of Calgary. Stefan completed his music degree at the University of Toronto in 2012 and has been teaching and performing regularly throughout the GTA. In 2019, Stefan's self-directed band Icterus released a critically acclaimed debut album. His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Tad Winklarz - Piano music lessons in Brampton

Tad Winklarz (Piano)

Tad studied at the Conservatory of Music in Gdansk, Poland and toured internationally as a singer with an award winning Choir performing music a cappella. Tad has been a songwriter, keyboard and saxophone player with the Platinum Record selling band Chalk Circle. Tad has composed original scores for feature films & award winning documentaries. With over 20 years experience teaching piano, Tad trains students for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams, festivals, recitals and piano competitions. Other styles include Jazz, Blues, Pop as well as original composition. His rate is $28 per half hour lesson.

Vladimir Mladenovic - Drum Set, Percussion music lessons in Brampton

Vladimir Mladenovic (Drum Set, Percussion)

Vladimir studied Drum Performance at the University of Toronto with Jazz drummer Barry Elmes. As a Classical percussionist, Vladimir toured with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Serbia. With a skilful approach to each student's needs, he strives to maintain students' interest. Vlada's versatility spans Jazz, Fusion, Pop and Rock and he uses a variety of material to teach fundamental rudiments. His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.