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1845 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.), Manitoba, R3T 2G6
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Our Guitar Teachers:

Carlen Malinowski - Guitar, Woodwinds, Piano, Drums music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Carlen Malinowski (Guitar, Woodwinds, Piano, Drums)

Carlen began classical piano at age 5 and completed Grade 10 in the Royal Conservatory Examinations. In elementary Carlen discovered she excelled in music and began to play flute, saxophone, guitar and take private lessons until age 17. Over achieving in music led her to become an accomplished musician and world traveller by her early 20's. She played in latin, classical & rock bands abroad and then started teaching youth programs when she landed back in Winnipeg. Her skills with identifying and blending technique and the foundation for a students lifelong relationship with music is very uplifting for everyone in her class. Carlen teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and her rate is $25 per half hour.

Eric Nordquist - Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Sax, Clarinet, Woodwinds music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Eric Nordquist (Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Sax, Clarinet, Woodwinds)

Eric is an experienced teacher and multi-instrumentalist who began music training at age 5 and began winning competitions at age 6. He has been involved with many groups that have received radio play, and has performed in other countries and large venues throughout Canada. His experience also includes studio recording and composing. Eric's years of teaching have enabled him to adapt to each individual and assist students in the way best suited to them, whether it's leisurely learning favorite songs or more intense personal skill development. Eric teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and his rate is $25 per half hour.

Frank Rizzuto - Guitar music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Frank Rizzuto (Guitar)

Frank has been playing guitar for 20 years and believes in making each music lesson a fun and enjoyable experience. Frank has been teaching at Long & Mcquade since 2005. Frank organizes the successful Summer Rock Camp where students write, record, and perform live together. He works in public schools and attended the University of Manitoba where he took music courses in History of Jazz, Music Theory 1, History of Music, and played guitar with the U of M Jazz Orchestra. Songs that he has co-written can often be heard on CBC radio and throughout Canada and USA . Frank specializes in teaching blues, rock, country, and folk guitar as well as song writing. Frank believes that every student learns at a different pace and being able to change approaches quickly to what is being taught, helps to motivate and have a successful student. Frank teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and his rate is $25 per half hour.

Gabriela Ocejo - Voice, Guitar music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Gabriela Ocejo (Voice, Guitar)

Gabriela grew up in Argentina and started playing guitar at the age of 11, taking 3 years of guitar at the Conservatory of Music of Bahia Blanca. Captivated by the local music scene in her hometown in Argentina she studied voice with Milton Amadeo and guitar with jazz guitarrist Ramiro Penovi. She performed in various local venues in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca. In 2011 she moved to Winnipeg and attend U of M on a Scholarship for Voice. She has since been performing with different local bands and continued learning from teachers and graduates from the Uof M Jazz Faculty. She has also participated in the Uof M Jazz Ensamble as a singer. You can catch Gabriela playing guitar in 30's Swing band Sunny Roseland, the Jazz Manouche band “Juvel”, her South American Music band “Los Mareados”, among others. Her passion for music and multicultural background make her an eclectic musician and a versatile teacher. She welcomes all ages and absolutely loves children! Gabriela teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and her rate is $24 per half hour.

Gage Salnikowski - Strings, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Woodwinds music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Gage Salnikowski (Strings, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Woodwinds)

Gage has 17 years advanced knowledge in performance and musical theory in a wide variety of genres . Completed First-year of University in International Baccelaureate programs and has studied 6 years Jazz piano and theory study under Bryan Harder, Will Bonness (currently teaching at University of Manitoba), and Michelle Grégoire. Gage has achieved an advanced degree of playing over 25 instruments including piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, electric bass, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone, tuba, mandolin, banjo, oud, dulcimer, accordion, and percussion. Gage teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and his rate is $25 per half hour.

Jonathan Kirouac - Guitar, Woodwinds, Sax, Clarinet, Flute music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Jonathan Kirouac (Guitar, Woodwinds, Sax, Clarinet, Flute)

Jonathan has been teaching Alto/Tenor Saxophone and Flute for students of all ages for the past 5 years. He also teaches beginner Clarinet. Over the last 12 years he has been using his skills in the Winnipeg scene playing with as many groups as possible; such as Moses Mayes (early years), and the JD Edwards band. He also has experience with studio performance and session recording. Jonathan has played guitar in the Winnipeg music scene for over a decade. Involved in bands such as the Velvet Pill, and the Civil Disobedients, his style ranges from Rock/Blues/Metal and all the way to a little Jazz and Classical. He teaches guitar and beginner bass and can tailor the lessons for all skills and ages. He welcomes students of all ages, and believes music should be fun and shared with all! Jonathan teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and his rate is $26 per half hour.

Marco Castillo - Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drums, Songwriting music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Marco Castillo (Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drums, Songwriting)

Marco Castillo was born in the capital of Samba, and after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Estácio de Sá University in Rio de Janeiro in 1994, he instantly began touring South America with Brazil’s hottest bands; since moving to Canada, Marco has performed in festivals around the globe, and has recorded and produced many musical projects. Whether it’s his work as a solo artist, his full 8 piece "Brazilian Beats" band, or collaborations with the Winnipeg Jazz and Symphony Orchestras and Ron Paley’s Big Band, Castillo brings a one of a kind show. Castillo’s much appraised Trip to Brazil, (one of his three albums), was awarded World Recording of the Year (2012) in Regina as part of the Western Canadian Music Awards. Marco Castillo was also a finalist for the 2015 Viña del Mar music festival in Chile, one of the most important music festivals in Latin America, which is broadcasted and seen by over 250,000,000 fans around the world. Castillo believes in developing a personalized teaching method for each student since every individual learns differently; he teaches guitar, bass, Brazilian percussion, music perception, and music theory. His rate is $26 per half hour.

Paul Cameron Miller - Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo music lessons in Winnipeg (Pembina Hwy.)

Paul Cameron Miller (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo)

Cam has been a guitar and songwriting instructor for almost 30 years. Cam uses the instrument as a key into a larger world of composition, arrangement, and song and lyric writing. He feels jazz and folk styles lend themselves best to lyric writing, and as an award-winning poet, he knows that words play an important role in the construction of a good song. He teaches all styles of guitar; jazz, folk finger style, rock and blues, classical and flamenco. Cam welcomes beginners as well as those seeking to enhance their ability. Cam teaches at our Winnipeg lesson centre and his rate is $26 per half hour.