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Our Teachers:

Alli Welch - Piano, Voice music lessons in Nanaimo

Alli Welch (Piano, Voice)

Alli Welch has a diploma in Jazz Studies from the Victoria Conservatory of Music and expects to finish her Bachelor’s degree at Vancouver Island University in the spring of 2019. Since 2013, Alli has been playing keyboards with Nick LaRiviere’s Soul Source R&B band out of Victoria and she has taken the rhythm section of that band to form a quartet called Rhythm of Soul. Her lesson rate is $25 per half hour.

Amber Burden - Voice, Piano music lessons in Nanaimo

Amber Burden (Voice, Piano)

Amber hails from Lethbridge, AB. During her tour under the direction of Frank Gnadt with LCI Jazz and Chamber choirs, Amber experienced first hand the way music can bridge many gaps, touch people, and effect lives. She has been a voice and piano instructor since 2008. Inspired by her travels, Amber earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz studies in 2010 from VIU, specializing in voice. Since graduating, Amber has been performing and teaching musical theatre, preschool music, voice and piano. She is inspired by all genres from classical, jazz and blues, to rock and roll and beyond! Her rate is $25 per half hour.

Anatol McGinnis - Violin, Cello, Bass, Banjo, Guitar music lessons in Nanaimo

Anatol McGinnis (Violin, Cello, Bass, Banjo, Guitar)

Anatol studied Jazz Performance at VIU. He’s played in many ensembles covering cobering a wealth of genres, from classical, latin, jazz, country, rockabilly, to celtic, and rock. He is a multi-instrumentalist teaching violin, cello, bass, and guitar and plays in Bossa Loca, Kiltlifters, Hub City Hooligans, Kings Without, Myc Sharrat, Karuna, Musica Vagaboundo, the Calgary Chamber Orchestra, and the Nanaimo Dance Salon Orchestra among many other groups. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Anthony Ristovski - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele music lessons in Nanaimo

Anthony Ristovski (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele)

Anthony at the Royal Conservatory of Music for Classical and Electric Guitar. He has extensive knowledge of lead technique as well as improvisation skills, a number of writing and production credits under his belt, and has toured Canada and the US with several rock acts. He is well versed in Metal, Jazz fusion, Electronic Pop, Flamenco, and Country as well as many other styles and his rate is $25 per half hour.

Arvon Brunt - Voice, Piano music lessons in Nanaimo

Arvon Brunt (Voice, Piano)

Arvon studied at VIU and has performed throughout the Cowichan Valley and Nanaimo, and her work was behind the musical success of the Nanaimo Theatre Group’s productions of Godspell and Cabaret. Arvon is brimming with enthusiasm for teaching and she brings out the very best in those who work with her. Her rate is $25 per half hour.

Brad Shipley - Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele music lessons in Nanaimo

Brad Shipley (Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele)

Brad has a Bachelor degree in Jazz Studies from VIU and enjoys teaching music to all ages. he has been performing since 1998 in many different styles and genres. He believes music is in everyone and that you are never too old to learn. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Brett Attig - Drums music lessons in Nanaimo

Brett Attig (Drums)

Brett has been playing since 2000 and is enthusiastic about sharing his craft. Whether it’s rock, metal, funk, playing along to your favourite songs, stick control, limb independence, or double bass, Brett can help you master these skills. He enjoys teaching all levels from beginner to advanced and his rate is $25 per half hour.

Dave Sayers - Drums music lessons in Nanaimo

Dave Sayers (Drums)

A product of Macewan University, Dave has developed a reputation for his ability to get the most of his students and has achieved great success with students previously labelled as unteachable or disinterested. Working under the guiding principle that everyone is inherently musically talented, he provides a positive and confidence promoting environment for all students. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Elan Tombs - Piano, Voice music lessons in Nanaimo

Elan Tombs (Piano, Voice)

Elan has been studying music for over 20 years. He has gained a diverse skill set which includes performing, recording, composition, and teaching. He has a Bachelor in Jazz Studies from Vancouver Island University. Elan is committed to an ever-deepening understanding of the numerous ways music can impact One's life. He is available to teach piano, musical theory, voice, and composition. His lesson rate is $25 per half hour.

James Darling - Piano music lessons in Nanaimo

James Darling (Piano)

James has a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from VIU and studied piano with Phil Dwyer, Bob Murphy and Steve Smith. He spent a decade working on cruise ships in lounge bands and showbands and most recently James was the keyboardist for the high energy dance band, Johnny Inappropriate, the pianist in the NMA big band led by Bryan Stovell and played keyboards in the Chemainus Theatre’s production of Rock Legends. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Keon Birney - Brass music lessons in Nanaimo

Keon Birney (Brass)

Keon Birney is a French horn player with over 25 years of performance, composition, and brass-teaching experience. He received his Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Calgary and has been working as a freelance musician on the West Coast for the last 15 years. He currently plays with Nanaimo’s Vancouver Island Symphony and works as an extra musician for the Vancouver Symphony, Kamloops Symphony, and the Okanagan Symphony. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Larry Miller - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Guitar music lessons in Nanaimo

Larry Miller (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Guitar)

Larry (BFA, BEd, MMUS) has produced several CD recordings including Freya’s Song (1997), Storm Head (1999), Instance (2006) and taught saxophone for 10 years at VIU and been teaching large groups and individual lessons since the early 1990s. In addition to freelance work on cruise ships, big bands, and rock groups, Larry has performed in numerous musicals over the years on a variety of woodwinds. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Liam Gibson - Piano, Composition, Electronic Media music lessons in Nanaimo

Liam Gibson (Piano, Composition, Electronic Media)

Liam has been playing piano since 1997, and earned a Diploma in Jazz Piano from VIU, a BMus in Composition and Theory from UVIC, and a MMus in Composition from the University of Manitoba. He is enthusiastic about a broad range of styles, including pop, rock, soul, jazz, classical, metal, and electronic. In addition to piano, he is heavily involved with songwriting, composition, and electronic music production. Active as a performer since high school, Liam is currently a member of the electronic group Top Men. His lesson rate is $25 per half hour.

Marty Brough - Guitar, Ukulele, music lessons in Nanaimo

Marty Brough (Guitar, Ukulele,)

Marty received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from VIU, where he also studied classical guitar. His goal is to create an enjoyable environment for students of all ages and playing levels, tailoring lessons to the individual’s musical ambitions and the ways in which they learn. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Matt Aasen - Guitar, Recording music lessons in Nanaimo

Matt Aasen (Guitar, Recording)

Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies. He is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher who emphasizes the student’s goals and interests. With a focus on both the 6 and the 7 string guitar, Matt teaches a wide range of musical genres to students of all ages and skill levels. His rate is $25 per half hour lesson.

Phil Wipper - Drums music lessons in Nanaimo

Phil Wipper (Drums)

Phil has been performing and teaching drums professionally since the mid 80s. Whether students are just starting out, playing for fun, or want to further advance their craft, Phil always tries to emphasize a broad overview of drumming concepts, techniques and styles; as well as give his students the knowledge and advice needed to further apply those skills professionally or otherwise. Phil currently works with award-winning and three-time June-nominated children’s performers The Kerplunks, as well as the ever popular local-favourites, Johnny Inappropriate and Wunderbread. His rate is $25 per half hour.

Spencer Bowman - Drums music lessons in Nanaimo

Spencer Bowman (Drums)

Spencer studied with Mike Johnston, Matt Halpern, and Dom Famularo. He has shared the stage and the studio with many of BC’s most talented musicians, as well as touring nationally with the progressive metal band The Body Politic. He spent two years studying with Jesse Cahill at VIU and holds a diploma in Jazz Studies. Spence's goal is to inspire his students and demystify the mechanics of drumming. His rate is $25 per half hour.