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API 500-Series 225L Mono Compressor

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The gem and the jewel of the 200 series modules!! This little critter is more along the lines of a mono channel from the venerable 2500 rack-mount buss compressor. It has the facilities to be varied from "soft" or "hard" knee functions and "old" sounding to "new" and aggressive. It will give you the availability to take the signal from a whisper to a scream and any place in between you may desire.

API 225L features
The API 225L Compressor is ideal for all studio, live sound and broadcast applications. Regardless of the threshold or ratio settings, the output level always remains at unity. This unique feature allows real-time adjustments without changing the output level. Both "feed forward" (new) and "feed back" (old) gain reduction methods are selectable on the front panel. There also is a SOFT or HARD selector for either an "over easy" compression resulting in a very natural, uncompressed sound or a typical sharp knee type that has a much more severe limiting effect. The 225L is designed for individual channel use or two units can be combined for Stereo applications via a rear access pin. The 225L also has a side chain input for the detector amplifier.

• Threshold control from -20 to +10 dBu
• Variable Compression Ratio from 0 to Infinity
• Adjustable Release Time from 50m/sec to 3 sec.
• OLD or NEW Sound
• HARD or SOFT Compression Knee
• Uses the API 2510 and API 2520 Op-Amps
• Transformer Output, to +28dBu


• Threshold Range: -20dbu to +10 dBu
• Compression Ratio Range: 0 to Infinity
• Release Time: 50 m/sec to 3 sec.
• Input Impedance: >40K Ohms, Balanced
• Output Impedance: 85 Ohms, Transformer coupled, Balanced
• Nominal Levels: -10 dBu to +20 dBu
• Clipping Level: +28 dBu
• Frequency Response: 0, -.3, 30 to 20kHz
• Noise: 98 dB below +10 dBu output, unweighted. 20-20 kHz
• Distortion: THD: .02% (+4 dB @ 2KHz), .01% (+15 dB @ 2KHz), .05% (-15 dB @ 2KHz)
• Connectors: .100 spaced ELCO
• Power Consumption: 16 VDC, 100 mA max @ +24 dBu
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